Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Autumn dreaming

"Summer" never really hit Manchester, but now that we're in September at least it's socially acceptable to acknowledge this cold weather we've been having as Autumnal. With the crisp weather upon us, I've been hanging for a few bits and pieces.

Military green: Although always seasonally appropriate this time of year, military green seems to be 'on trend' this Autumn. I didn't notice I was developing a thing for it until I bought 2 basic Zara T's in the exact same colour, and then started lusting after this Acne Scarf and Burberry's Khaki Green eyeshadow all in the same week (Side note: I'm growing a pretty hefty list of Burberry eyeshadow 'wants' all of which will be perfect for Autumn!!). Readers of these pages will know that I stick to well-cut neutral basics so this military green not-really-a-trend trend is right up my alley.

Genmaicha tea: Coffee will always be my first love, but these past few months I've been trying to limit myself to my (excessively strong) morning cappuccino. If I'm dragging in the afternoon I'll opt for a tea, and I've recently fallen back in love with this long-time favourite. Genmaicha is Japanese Sencha (green tea) with toasted rice and popcorn kernals. It has the freshness and delicacy of good green tea with the toastyness of the brown rice which is perfect for this time of year. Nb: Make sure not to use boiling water lest your tea will go bitter! Steep for 3 minutes at approx 70-80 degrees celsius.

Navy blue 'fur': This one is a bit random. I was so chuffed with the Theory overcoat I bought last Winter that I neglected all my other outerwear for the whole cold season. The last thing on my mind then, was a new coat. Until I started seeing navy blue fur/shearling coats pop up on a few of my favourite shopping sites (I've seen versions from Whistles, Elizabeth & James, Muubaa, Zara etc). It was love at first sight and despite being a bit 'out there' for me, I've already splurged and purchased this beaut from Danish brand Won Hundred.

Baths: It's been getting colder and Dean is adamant about never turning the heat on in our flat (he LOVES the cold) so to warm up in the evenings I've been indulging in baths, with all manner of added salts, bombs and oils. A favourite is the Laura Mercier Honey Bath in Amber Vanille which smells absolutely divine.