Monday, 13 July 2015

The best beauty hack for breakouts

So this bit of genius arose totally by accident. Dean and I moved apartments this month, both within the same building, which meant moving basically entailed carrying things upstairs. We had an overlap of time where some of our things were in one place, and some in the other. And, nearing the end of this shenanigan, I found myself getting ready for bed, and realising that - oops - all my skincare was upstairs! So, lazy me, I quickly poked through Dean's toiletries to see if he had anything resembling a face cream that I could use as a one-off.

My only option was this baby - The Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post Shave Lotion, which Dean swears by on the rare occasion he decides to shave (ha ha, I kid... kind of). Now a bit of back story - my skin had been in shambles since about mid-May. A family emergency meant a quick trip to the mediterranean, heat and humidity included, plus a lot of stress and upset, and add in moving on top of things, I was struggling to get things under control. So anyway... I slapped this on without thinking about it. And come morning, had the clearest, least angry skin I had had in over a month!

I've since tried it a number of times to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and nope - this tube works wonderfully for irritated, angry, broken out skin. Retrospectively, it makes total sense. Post-shave products are designed to hydrate but also to calm - to make sure skin is clear and not clogged, to soothe, and to be anti-bacterial. Leave it to Aesop to do all of this with good-for-you ingredients.

I feel like so often the expectations of products exceed their efficacy, so coming across something like this totally by accident is extra satisfying. If your guy uses this I'd highly recommend snatching it for yourself. Or, as I will, you may want to go buy your own tube regardless!


  1. Sounds like a little tube of magic! I will be checking this out... or buying some for my BF so I can share in his love of using my products ;)

  2. It's a gem! Just checked out your blog - I've been wondering for AGES why nobody has done this :) :) Glad to see someone with the expertise and interest. Followed on Bloglovin! Cat xx