Friday, 31 July 2015

Matchy matchy skincare ft. Verso

I'm not typically one for matchy-matchy skincare, but something about the simplicity of this numbered and aesthetically gorgeous retinol-based lineup by Verso really appealed to me. After trying so many products a simple no-fuss sequence that 'does it all' is surprisingly refreshing. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so what do I think?

I've delayed writing this review for a couple months now, because when I first started using this line we had an abrupt family tragedy which caused a significant amount of stress, and the seasons were changing. My skin went from relatively smooth and clear to pretty angry, but given the circumstances I thought it unfair to 'blame' these products. I've now given it about 2.5 months and feel I can write a fairer review.

There are 6 products in total, I have 1-5. The sixth is their dark spot corrector which I'm yet to try. All the products in the line are based on a proprietary compound called 'retinol 8' which is meant to be a more concentrated but less irritating and less drying version of retinol. I must say that this is definitely true - I've noticed very good benefits in terms of hydration and fine lines, and have not experienced any problems with dryness, irritation or flaking which many retinols are known for. The packaging is perfect - it looks nice and minimal, it's lightweight, and the pumps dispense exactly the amount of each product that you would want to use. That said, for me, not all products stack up equally so here is the run-down:

  1. Foaming Cleanser: Now I know for a lot of readers the word 'foaming' will immediately put you off. I think it's a bit of a misnomer - this cleanser is more creamy and in my experience really doesn't foam at all. It does have a lighter texture than a heavy cream cleanser, though. Nonetheless, it is my least favourite product of the lot. It's basic - it smells fairly neutral, it seems to clean my skin, though it is not good around the eye area. I think those with combo or drier skins will find it too 'squeaky'. For me, my skin just hasn't been the same - I had been using clay based cleansers for 1-2 years (the Sunday Riley and then the Sarah Chapman) and since switching I've had way more problems with keeping hormonal acne at bay. For the price it's a bit of a 'blah' product, and I'll definitely be going back to something clay-based.
  2. Day Cream: At the other end of the spectrum, this product I absolutely love. It has done wonders for keeping my skin hydrated during the day without ever making it shiny or greasy. It's a magical formula for underneath makeup, which continues looking fresh throughout the day. No lines or crepey undereyes here. I had worried that it would be too heavy for my combo skin but not so. I think it would work well on a range of skins and more or less for the entire year. This is a standout product for me because I think when you come across effective skincare that also improves the look of your makeup, you're onto a winner!!
  3. Night Cream: I don't have much of an opinion of this night cream in isolation. It's lovely - it feels nourishing on the skin without feeling heavy or suffocating. The texture is of a typical cream - it seems to sink in well and keep my skin hydrated through morning. I've been using it as part of a nightime routine with the following 2 products and together they get a thumbs up.
  4. Super Facial Serum: This is called a 'serum' because it has a higher retinol concentration, but the texture is actually much more like a typical cream. It's definitely not what I think of when I think 'serum'. That said, I put this on cleansed skin and then top it with the night cream and together I feel like I'm getting a lot of 'good for your skin' ingredients and a dose of hydration. I don't have any wrinkles but had begun to show a few 'fine lines' and actually since using this product these have become much less of a concern, especially my smile lines :)
  5. Super Eye Serum: This is my second 'top pick' of the lineup. Unlike the facial serum, this stuff feels very concentrated. I think if you have particularly sensitive skin or eyes this is a no-go. It feels a bit burny on my skin when first applied in a warming way, but doesn't cause any visible irritation. I have noticed a huge difference in my eye area since using this - it is hydrated and stays this way throughout the day, it's smooth and any and all fine lines have disappeared. I really feel like this is a rockstar product for anti-ageing benefits in this notoriously susceptible area.
Overall it's a bit of a weird one! The cleanser I don't think I'll be buying again. The day cream I definitely will, as with the Super Eye Serum. The other nighttime products - the Super Facial Serum and Night Cream - feel more benign and less 'special' as you use them, but the overall effect on my skin has been noticeable over a period of time. My skin feels more balanced, hydrated and definitely more plump, with fewer visible fine lines. I think combined with a few more specialty products that get thrown in here and there when needed- masks, an oil, etc. - this line forms a really solid core skincare regimen that is simple (in the sense of not needing to think about it too much!) but also very effective.

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