Monday, 6 July 2015

June favourites & fails

June has been a crazy month. We've been trying to get back on our feet after a family tragedy, and also moved house. The latter entailed a pretty significant clear-out of the beauty 'collection'. I tried to be as ruthless as possible, with 'throw away', 'donate/give away', 'try again' and 'keep' piles. All but one of this months favourites resulted from the 'try again' pile - things I couldn't remember if I liked or disliked, or things I wanted to make a concerted effort to use to see if I liked them enough to keep. All in all then, a worthwhile exercise!


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: There has at various points been tonnes of hype around this concealer, in part because it's an affordable drugstore option. I vaguely remember purchasing this when I was using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and not thinking much of it - certainly it didn't sway me at the time. Recently though, and without having repurchased the NARS in a while, I've really been enjoying this. It's high coverage, creamy, doesn't crease and stays in place. I've heard a lot of people say this is 'too heavy' for under the eyes but on me, and on well prepped skin, I really don't find this to be the case. I've been using it over my Bobbi Brown Corrector and it does a great job coverage-wise and is brightening, without looking heavy or cakey.

NARS Penny Lane: Another one I had forgotten about but have fallen in love with. A warm-toned pink cream-to-powder blush. You could easily wear this one all year round but at the moment I feel like its slight browny undertone serves to also bronze and sculpt my face. I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and it really is fab - it's not 'dewy' and it does dry down (my preference), but it does blend nicely into skin and it stays all day. Unfortunately, when searching for a link to this, it appears that Nars has axed its cream blush line. Wah wah...

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner: I picked up this unassuming gem when I was in Tokyo last summer. I'm not a big eyeliner girl, in part because I've always been terrible at it, and partly because I have hooded eyes and small lids and don't always feel that it suits me. But, I figured if ever I was going to find a product to convince me it would be amongst Japanese/Korean products. I was right! This felt-tip pen has such a fine tip that I can make the slimmest line, but is sturdy enough to make a controlled flick. It's dark and requires only a single pass for full colour intensity, which means you only need to get it right once. I don't use it too often but it's given me a flawless result each time, and performs as well today as it did on day 1. And, it stays put but is easy to wash off. Score.

MAC Lipstick in Hue: An oldie but a goodie. Back around 2009 or thereabouts, this was my favourite 'nude' lipstick, and one of my favourites overall. It's the only lipstick I've ever finished and re-purchased. But, for the past few years I've strayed from these light nudes, preferring instead more natural and one might say more mature 'my lips but better' shades. I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it so made of point of trying it again. And, I have really been enjoying it. With a bronzy eye, and Nars Penny Lane (above) it's been a perfect easy-going summer look. It also looks killer with a cream tangerine gloss on top (say, YSL Gloss Volupte in 203).

Essie Nail Polish in Chillato: New for their summer collection, this polish is a super pretty whitened lime/chartreuse pastel. It has more of a yellow undertone than all the mint shades - no blue at all, which is quite unique. I've had it on my toes consistently since I picked it up.


Boots Glass nail file: Ok. So I had a crystal nail file from Manicare (an Aussie brand) for probably going on 8 years. It worked as well the day I accidentally lost it overseas as it did the day I bought it. I remember paying $15 AUD for it and thinking it was super expensive, but looking back it's among the best $15 I've spent on beauty. So when I lost it I was determined to pick up something comparable. I mistakingly cheaped out and went with the Boots version, which after literally 2 uses has dulled and no longer works. Fail. I've since picked up the Leighton Denny version, which if you're in the UK I'd highly recommend - so far so good... I can see it lasting years.

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