Sunday, 19 July 2015

In & Out #4

That one where I tell you all the things that have entered and exited my life for the time being. Round 4. Let's do 'dis.


  • At-home workouts: I haven't been to my gym since before Christmas, despite paying membership fees each month (ugh). But, I thought to get back into things I'd do a bit of at-home exercise. I've really been into Blogilates which is upbeat and allows me to go through routines I wouldn't do in public view! My pilates mat from Swedish brand Casall deserves a mention as well - It's much much thicker than a normal yoga mat so while it's not very portable, it does a much better job of protecting my hips, tailbone and spine from the hard floor. It's only been 2 weeks but I feel decidedly more energetic and Dean is convinced my butt is tighter (I'm not going to argue).
  • Beauty shopping: After many months of feeling more or less uninspired by makeup, and completely overlooking new releases, I've been on a total beauty binge as of late! I cleared things out a bit when I moved last month and I've also used up a tonne of products that have been hanging on for a while. In their place I've gotten a bunch of new bits from Burberry, Charlotte Tilbury, and a mix of Body, Hair and Fragrance. Next up is a Sephora cart I've had saved for ages and which I anticipate will be purchased on pay day ;)
  • That mascara look from the A/W Burberry show: This is such a weird one, but when Lily Pebbles did a tutorial of the Burberry show makeup look, she used a technique whereby there is a lot of thick and voluminous mascara at the base of the lashes and none on the tips. Most people would be completely put off by this. However, I have fairly long and thick lashes and a small eye space, so I often find my lashes steal the show from whatever shadows I have on my lids. This technique looks way more relaxed and laid back, not too 'try hard', a bit more grungy and effortless, and yet it still defines my lashline whilst also allowing my eyelids to show! I've been doing it most days for the past 1-2 months! crazy!
  • Fake tan: I'm not typically into tanning whatsoever. I am very pale and have come to terms with it, seeing no need in particular to go for a faux bronze. That said, something came over me in Boots the other week and I purchased not 1 but 2 tanning products. The first I'm yet to build up the courage to use - it's an actual self tanner, the St Tropez Express Tan. The other is a rinse off one that has taken the place of my beloved This Works Perfect Legs Skin Perfector. Whereas the latter is definitely more nourishing, I appreciate the complete dry down and longevity of the former. While I'm on the tanning bandwaging, I've also taken out my Clarins facial self-tanner again and begun using that as well. Who am I?!
  • Succulents & Cacti: Yes, I know. Succulents are all the rage. And I've now joined the hipsters and 14 year old instagrammers and added a few to my home. We moved flats last month and our place is very light and bright and the small pops of green really do change the feel of things without detracting from the clean lines and minimal decor.
  • Penguin Great Ideas series: I mentioned in my last In & Out that I wanted to make more of an effort to read. Now let's be clear - I'm a PhD student. I spend many of my waking hours reading and writing. But, I've largely neglected reading fiction for the past few years. I came across this little series in Waterstones by Penguin where each book is more or less a pamphlet - about 100 pages each - and each title contained within the series is considered to be world-changing, influential and inspirational. You would have heard of all the authors (Dickens, Orwell, and so so many others), but the books themselves are less well known or more abridged essays, speeches, etc. My goal is to read 1 per week for the entire year. 


  • Clutter: This one is mundane and a total no-brainer. As I mentioned we moved last month, and even though we're not nearing retirement (!!) we decided to 'downsize' in an effort to save and actually buy our own place soon. We've moved around a lot, and twice internationally, so I don't have too much junk hanging around, but nonetheless you'd be surprised how many things of minimal use end up travelling the world with you if you allow it the space. This time I've really appreciated the need to reduce the amount of things we have, get clever with storage solutions, and purge, donate and really pare down in every way possible things we don't need or use. The result is a smaller apartment that is even more spacious and minimal than our previous (larger) one.
  • Clearly my memory because I can't recall what else is 'out'!! lol!!

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