Friday, 24 July 2015

Fashion spotlight: Miu Miu cap-toe sneakers

After months of um-ing and ah-ing, and then going on a wild goose chase trying to find my size, these babies are finally mine!! I first mentioned them all the way back in early May! Rarely have I put so much effort into tracking something down, but these shoes are what heart-eyed emojis are made of!

Can we all just take a minute? These pointed-toe sneakers have become a bit of a thing, with a number of celebs spotted wearing the black and white versions, and cheaper brands on asos now making replicas. I'm certainly not one for 'it' items, but the shape and style of these fit seamlessly with my style, so when I saw the silver I immediately started saving so they could be mine!

As many readers know, my wardrobe is pretty monochrome, and slightly scandi. I stick to neutral colours, solid but very well-cut pieces, love skinny black jeans and oversized tops and cardigans, and mainly rely on accessories - shoes, bags and jewelery - to mix things up. I do a lot of walking and very rarely wear heels. I'm all for a casual, effortless but stylish look. So... flat sneakers, chic pointed metal cap toe, metallic eye-catching but still somehow neutral leather?! I mean.... It was love at first sight.

They are gorgeous and everything I wanted. They have quickly become a cherished and very special item in my wardrobe. They are slightly narrow and have taken 1-2 wears to break in, but overall are comfortable and true-to-size. I can see myself getting the black version for Autumn and wearing them every single day.

These are not cheap and certainly part of the hesitation was about whether I could justify spending so much on shoes. But by the time I made up my mind my size was impossible to track down. I ended up getting a size too big, returning them, etc. etc. They are also markedly cheaper in mainland Europe than the UK so I had them sent to my work in Denmark, only to have the wrong size! Anyway, sometimes patience and persistence are rewarded because in the end I found my true size on sale at an italian retailer and ended up saving 180 pounds off of the UK retail price! Score. You can find them here.

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