Monday, 27 July 2015

Can't have too much of a good thing! The Body Shop Smoky Poppy

You'd be forgiven for thinking this photo was taken in a shop. But, nope. I have indeed purchased 7 of these in one go. It's almost comical.

Credit is owed to Dean on this one. We ran out of body wash while I was in Copenhagen a couple months ago and he was tasked with picking out a new one in my absence. We're both massive fans of Korres, but something lured him into The Body Shop on this occasion, and he came out with a shower gel in 'Smoky Poppy'.

The boy done good. Most people think of poppy as fairly benign but it does indeed have a taste and this corresponding scent is a smoky, powdery, slightly sweet but not at all fruity version of poppy! It is certainly one of the more masculine scents that The Body Shop does but not so much so that it's not thoroughly unisex. I love it! The gel is more or less a dark grey/black which is weird but fun. The scent is strong in a good way - it fills the bathroom and nicely scents your skin. We've gone through two already, so when body shop was running their sale a few weekends back with an extra 40% off, we decided to stock up! I think I got all 7 of these for about 10 pounds which is completely ridiculous. And, I decided to throw in a matching scrub for good measure. If it's not broken, why fix it?!

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