Sunday, 3 May 2015

Can't get enough of...

Alex's HRH Collection Vlogs: *girl crush alert* I've watched Alex from HRH collection for a few years and I'll be honest - I've subscribed and unsubscribed a few times. But recently Laura mentioned that Alex was vlogging again and this time I just can't get enough! Her videos are real, outspoken, down-to-earth and honest. They're not planned out, not edited, not censored. She is self-professed quirky, weird, unique and in my opinion, fabulous. She's also unapologetic about not having tonnes of friends which I totally relate to. She and I are in many ways a world apart, but similar in being very principled, selective, and having a list a mile long of pet peeves, whilst also being (I hope) kind hearted. She also has her own jewellery line from which I plan to place a giant order any day now. Anyway, I'll stop rambling but I needed to share the love - just go check her out.

Metallics: I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm obsessed with metallics. This 'trend' has been around for a few years now so I'm not sure why now is finally the time. But in the last couple weeks I've bought 2 pairs of metallic shoes (stay tuned) and stopped myself from buying at least a couple metallic handbags. I think the appeal is that I wear almost exclusively neutral colours - black, white, grey, and very occasionally navy or oatmeal. Metallics remain neutral but add a very noticeable pop or point of interest to any outfit. It's my way of dressing a bit more fun or fierce (as the case may be) without having to wear colour (ha!).

TK Maxx: Guys. Funny enough, even though I'm American, after living in Australia and then Denmark for 10+ years, a branded discount store like this is so freaking novel. I find myself popping in here on a weekly basis to see what new designer treasures have been delivered. I'm under no illusions - there's tonnes of crap and it's always hit and miss. But over the past few months I've also found so many gems. I go to the store in Manchester Arndale - I'm not sure if they're all so good! I also think because my dress sense is a bit more understated/minimal/casual than the average Manc, the bits I go for are often passed over by others. The result is awesome pieces by Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, J Brand, Vince, Theory, you name it. It's making me wonder how I could ever pay full price again. A word of warning though - it takes serious discipline and a discerning eye not to be blinded by the bargains! Would I buy this at full price? Would I have chosen this without seeing the brand or the price? These are the things you must ask lest you'll end up with tonnes of designer shit you'll never wear :)

A bit of a stream of consciousness ramble today, but I'd love to know what you can't get enough of lately?

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