Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nike Flyknit Roshe Run IDs

Gotta say that I'm loving the fact that sneakers or trainers have been back 'in' these last few years. When I moved to Copenhagen the difference was noticeable - sleek minimal and neutral scandi fashion goodness, with exclusively comfy footwear. Sign me up.

At this stage (2013) I hadn't owned a pair of sneakers since high school, but it seemed acceptable to wear sneakers with basically anything and everything, so I went out and picked up a pair of New Balance 420's in black. Fast forward, and between plimsols and ugly sandals, it seems like fashion has taken a welcomed turn towards comfort. Now if I'm honest, Manchester on the whole is far less casual than Copenhagen, but I'm old enough now and confident enough in my style that I really don't care!

My latest addition are these Nike Roche Run Flyknit IDs, with a marbled sole and metallic gold foil swish. I designed them myself with Nike ID and they took about 3-4 weeks to make and ship, but I think times vary. They are definitely a bit more 'athletic' looking than the New Balance, but in this colourway I've been easily pairing them with black skinnies and whatever jumper or oversized cardigan I happen to be sporting (e.g. my daily uniform). They look great, are super light-weight, and it feels like I'm walking on clouds. The ID process was also good fun, and I'd definitely consider using it again.

I know it's no longer news, but am I the only one loving this whole trainer thing?

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