Wednesday, 8 April 2015

March Favourites

Instead of beginning another favourites making excuses about why it's late, I'll just wish you a happy belated Easter and get into things :)

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid foundation: As you can see I only have a deluxe mini of this, in shade 'vanilla' but it's given me a few weeks of wear and it's quickly become a favourite. Of all the recent super liquid, (most) oil free, satin/matte foundations - I'm thinking the YSL Fusion Ink, Dior Nude Air, NARS All Day Luminous, etc) this one is my favourite. It has a satin, skin-like finish without looking too dry, mask-like, or powdery, and it stays on my skin looking great all day. The formula is indeed smooth and extremely light weight - it feels like nothing, but still delivers medium coverage. Vanilla is a tad pink for me so I'm going to explore the full shade range when I pick up the full size, which I definitely plan to do.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: Another recent find that I've just fallen in love with. In fact, I'm going to name this my favourite powder ever. As the name suggests it's translucent, so no coverage here, but also no white or ghost-like residue that some translucent powders can give. It mattifies skin without obliterating any luminosity, and is undetectable in terms of powdery-ness or looking heavy or cakey. It's even finely milled enough to set concealer under my eyes without looking dry or crepey. It's a tad more high maintenance using a loose powder than a compact, but for me the finish has been very well worth it. I got the mini pot in the Sephora aisle of doom and it's a great size to have if you want to take it on the go or for travel, too.

Burberry Fresh Glow: I've mentioned this before but I've been loving it recently to make my makeup feel a bit brighter as we head into spring. You can put this on prior to foundation or mix it in together. It's subtle enough to put all over, rather than a strict highlight, and works to give a more luminous finish to skin, or to sheer-out a heavier foundation. I love it because the formula itself is super light and dries down, rather than being particularly mosturizing or dewy, meaning it adds luminosity without feeling like you've added more product than usual. The perfect product for glow without shine. Love it.

Too Faced 'Birthday Suit': The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette houses two of my favourite spring/summer lid shades (the other being the pictured 'satin sheets'), and this month I've particularly been loving 'Birthday Suit'. It's a gorgeous almost icy latte colour that is super flattering on my skintone. The texture is extremely fine milled which means you get a gorgeous eye-catching sheen without any noticeable glitter or shimmer particles.

Dove Advanced Oxygen Moisture for Fine, Flat Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: Last but not least, after a series of haircare fails, I finally found a duo this month that I'm really loving. My hair is super fine and prone to being flat, weighed down, etc, but also quite fluffy and flyaway. Fab. The shampoo lathers well and really feels like it's cleaning my hair well without it feeling stripped or strawlike afterwards, and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling utterly silky. They strike a really good balance between moisture, detangling and cleanliness. And I do find my hair to feel 'thicker' and with more body since using these. And they're affordable and smell amazing. Score.

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