Friday, 24 April 2015

In & Out #3

It's about that time again... the months have passed, the season is changing, and I have a new list of things that I'm enjoying and others that are resolutely on hold. Check out my third edition of "in & out".


Sun in Manchester: I'm not typically fussed by the weather, but after a number of months of overcast, rainy weather, these past two weeks of pure warmth and sunshine have been glorious. Of course it's Manchester, so runs like this are to be enjoyed, not taken for granted. Nonetheless, it's official that Spring has arrived.

Light bases: Here's a confession. I've always wanted to wear lighter bases but tinted moisturisers always seemed to under-deliver on even a decent amount of coverage and turn into a slippy mess. A confluence of issues have recently turned things around. First and most importantly, I think I'm becoming more comfortable with the look of my actual skin, imperfections and all. I'm beginning to prefer seeing my imperfections than seeing a layer of makeup, so the coverage requirements are slightly less demanding. This at the same time that a few new formulas, which actually do offer pretty amazing coverage, have entered the market. I reviewed the Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint which I love but is still a tad too dark for me, and over the past couple weeks I've been obsessed with the Bourjois 1-2-3 colour correcting CC Cream. It's completely changed my opinion of lighter bases and now I'll be seeking out more!

Eyeliner: While on the light base thing, I've been tending towards very light makeup over the past month or so. Part of it is spring - just a bit brighter and more alive. A slick of shimmery champagne on my lids, a brightening pink blush, and maybe a gloss. One unusual (for me) addition though, has been eyeliner. I've been filling in my waterline again for a few months now, and after finding the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Pencils have also taken to lining my upper lash line, which I rarely ever do. Something about the formula though makes it really effortless, and the colour Luna(tic) in particular is neutral, but not too neutral, and defines without closing my eye. Obsessed.

Spring fashion, accessories and fragrance: I go through phases where all I'm buying is makeup and beauty stuff, and at the moment it's the polar opposite. I've taken almost zero interest in Spring collections, but have been completely preoccupied with updating my spring wardrobe - clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, sunnies, fragrance, you name it. Anything and everything to get me in the mood for Spring.


"Unbalanced living": Don't get me wrong. I'm a lover of great wine, craft beer, and expertly prepared cocktails, but I've found since moving to Manchester that a disproportionate amount of our socializing happens over (many) drinks. We've also had a series of houseguests over the last month or so, which I love, but it does mean lots of eating out, drinking and erratic sleep schedules. I'm really hanging to re-start some semblance of an exercise schedule, and almost craving a green juice.

Internet browsing: I *hope* I'm not the only one, but I find myself spending far too much time wasted on the internet. A bit of facebook and instagram here, perusing blogs or shopping websites there. Even when I am doing more substantive things, like reading the NYTimes, The Guardian or The Atlantic, hours end up passing me by and it all feels a tad bit depressing. I really want to make an effort to cut down my internet time, and isolate it away from work and leisure. I've been reading more fiction and loving it, but for some reason the impulse is always to pick up the laptop or turn on the tv instead of grab a book. Needs to change.

I guess it's not surprise that a new season brings with it new foci. I'm really looking forward to getting my sh*t together over the comings weeks! Wardrobe, fresh food, exercise, time outside with a good book. Perfection.

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