Sunday, 8 February 2015

Review: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

The latest drop from YSL, and the latest addition to my foundation wardrobe - the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. I've been giving this a solid workout for the last week and a bit, so keep reading to see what I think!

Billed as a super lightweight but high-coverage foundation, that feels weightless on skin, keeps shine at bay and provides a soft-matte/satin finish for a full 24 hours, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one swayed by the claims of this product. I held off responsibly for a bit - reviews I've read are mixed - but recently used my Boots points to pick up a bottle. For reference, I'm shade BD20 and it's a great match (see my other foundation shades here).

I guess I'll start by considering whether it lives up to its claims, and I'd conclude that it does, better than most. The formula is very watery - you need to shake this up prior to use and it comes with a stick applicator attached to the top, not a pump. So, I sweep a bit of product onto the back of my hand and go from there. As promised, the foundation does dry down very quickly, so it's best to work in small areas, though I have found using a synthetic angled kabuki, it blends very effortlessly into skin. I agree the coverage is medium to full, and it's impressive given the lightweight feel of the product. You certainly do not need layers upon layers to achieve a nice level of coverage. So in terms of texture and application, I have no complaints.

The finish is where I'm a bit on the edge. My skin tends to be combo-oily, but it can be prone to dehydration under certain circumstances. For full disclosure - I've been testing this product on trip to NYC which is a good 10 degrees colder (and dryer) than Manchester. That said, I'm still playing around with how this works best. When tried over Hydraluron and my beloved Aesop Oil-Free Facial Hydrating Serum, which usually works a treat for hydration and makeup priming, my skin appeared extremely dry, the foundation clung to dry patches I wasn't aware I had, and the finish was very powdery-matte, without having applied any powder. Luminous was the last word I would use to describe it, and even their claimed 'satin' is generous. Now, the upside, is that this was definitely a foundation that wore better throughout the day - by the end of the day my skin looked fantastic, the product was still intact - it was the finish I would probably want from the first go.

Then yesterday, I had to be in the city from 8am until 11pm. The morning was the same deal, despite my best efforts to prep my skin. By 6pm, I was feeling quite a bit of that 'get this makeup off my face' feeling from a long day out, but it still looked fab. I added a light sweep of powder in my T-Zone and when I got home at 11am my base was still looking great. So it does get points for longevity.

Overall, I feel like this is a bit of short-term price for long-term reward sort of deal. I would not recommend this whatsoever to girls with dry skin. But, for those who like the sound of a lightweight but high coverage base, it does have potential. If you're into a very matte powdery look then go for it no worries. If you want something more luminous, make sure you skin is very well prepped, skip the powder, and maybe play around with something like a makeup setting spray to re-inject some moisture into the finish. This is going to be my next experiment to see if I can get it looking the way I want, when I want. I think we tend to leave the house with our makeup looking fab, and often compromise on how it looks at the end of the day - this option, uniquely (and for me), does the opposite.

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