Monday, 23 February 2015

Review: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream

Although this product is a bit tough to track down in the UK, it's spoken about a fair bit amongst those who have travelled to the US. I picked mine up this time last year but only about a month ago used up some other creams and moved onto this. Keep reading for my thoughts.

Claims: Intended for dry or damaged skin, and also sensitive skins, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream claims to moisturise using jojoba and avocado, calm with aloe, neutralise free radicals with grape seed extract, and gently exfoliate with lactic acid. Overall it claims to be a gentle and restorative cream that can be used AM or PM.

Packaging: The packaging is great - no complaints at all. It's identical to the Rodial Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel (which I love). After removing the cap you press down and a small amount of product is dispensed through a central hole. It hygienic and functional. And, when you near the end you can still screw off the pump to access every last drop, easily.

Texture & Application: The texture of this cream is very unique. It comes out in a very lightweight, almost whipped texture, but once rubbed onto skin feels very milky (almost wet) - not heavy or thick at all. It needs to be gently rubbed into skin and after a couple minutes absorbs completely. I have used this in the morning, but unless I've having an exceptionally dry skin day I reserve it for night time. So I think those with very dry skins could get away with this AM or PM as recommended, while those with combo-oily skin probably want to stick to in for evenings only. I've heard some people complain of the smell - and I think they're crazy. I love food so even if this did smell like goat's milk, it wouldn't bother me... but it doesn't. It's more or less unscented (definitely no added fragrance), which I'm sure keeps it gentle for sensitive skins.

Result: I like it. For such a lightweight texture, it packs a punch in the moisture department. I awake with my skin feeling very hydrated and nourished. My skin has remained clear and calm while using this so no problems with breakouts either. I will say that I'm used to using more potent anti-ageing creams and the like, so I haven't been blown away in terms of my skin looking more 'radiant' but I don't really think that's its main purpose. I would recommend this to someone who is maybe using a potent serum and looking for a straightforward hydrating night cream, but a good one. I'd also recommend it for sensitive skins, or people with combo-skins prone to dehydration who need moisture but don't want something that feels heavy or suffocating.

Verdict: I don't think you should be killing yourself to track this down, but if given the chance to give it a go I do think it's a good straightforward moisturiser. It's texture is it's main point of interest, offering a lot of hydration in a very lightweight formula. For me, it hasn't been life changing in any way, but I'll happily finish it up, and if it were more easily accessible would consider repurchasing.

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