Monday, 2 February 2015

A very foamy show(er)-down

My love affair with the following two products started when I got a free full-sized gift with purchase at a department store in Denmark, of the Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel. And it was heavenly... So I picked up its more affordable counterpart, the Imperial Leather foamburst luxurious body wash, to see how it stacks up.

These are both very similar - packaged in a pressurised can, they come out as a dense gel but quickly turn to a thick foam when rubbed onto skin. In texture and concept, the formula is almost identical to gel-to-foam shaving products, and to each other. One thing I love is that unlike most body washes that almost instantaneously get washed off skin, the foam stays put until you fully run it off, which I find makes skin scented for longer after my shower. I don't find either drying, but if I had to compare the Imperial Leather is ever slightly more 'squeaky', but overall I'd consider both of them nourishing enough.

I haven't tried other scents of each, but from these two my assessment would be that the Rituals version is much more strongly and luxuriously scented, which is to be expected. Rituals describes it as sweet almond and rose, but to me there is also something fruity about it. It fills the whole bathroom and bedroom with a delicious scent, and my skin stays smelling nice for hours after. Either way, it's divine, and reason enough that I'll repurchase a 3rd time (and 4th, and 5th...). The Imperial Leather also fills the bathroom, but isn't quite as strong, and while it smells lovely while using it I don't think it scents the skin as strongly afterwards. Nonetheless, as the more cheaper option I'm happy to use this intermittently too.

The Imperial Leather retails for 3.50 at Boots. Rituals is usually 8.50 but I got it for 4.25 GBP on sale at House of Fraser. It's still on offer, so get it quick!

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