Friday, 23 January 2015

Jewellery & Glasses storage ft. Muji

January always seems like a time to get your life in order, and for many that means purging, re-organizing, etc. etc. Moving about countless times will do that too (raises hand). So, I thought today I'd share how I store my glasses and jewellery.

Now, the Muji drawers I'm sure need no introduction. They have become a beauty blogger favourite, though I myself have never adopted them for makeup storage. For one, Dean has prohibited it (as he argues, it really does just put your clutter on display!) and I also find the dimensions a bit odd and shallow for most makeup items. But, after browsing Muji's various options, I did come up with a pretty perfect storage solution for my glasses (which were previously perpetually misplaced!) and jewellery.

My favourite bit is up top, where the Acrylic Four Drawer Unit provides the perfect space for my eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Here they stay protected, dust- and scratch-free, and I always know where to find them. I purchased velvet in-drawer trays for extra protection and uniformity. Note that this column of 4 drawers can also be stood up vertically, and the drawers and trays fit either way. In the right-most drawer I have housed 2 of my larger bangles that I wear often but would otherwise not fit within the 3-drawer base. And herein lies a warning - if you're a jewellery fanatic, or have a large collection with a lot of bolder or bulky pieces, this isn't going to be for you. But as someone who wears accessories sporadically and has a small selection of mostly non-statement jewellery, it's great.

In the Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit beneath, I have my remaining necklaces, bracelets and watches, with another insert tray to house my rings and earrings. Muji offers a small range of different sizes so you can arrange your drawers as you wish.

A minor gripe is that their different drawer stacks all differ in size by slight amounts (whether a cm or so, in either dimension) which I really don't understand. It means you need to be careful when purchasing that you can actually stack the pieces you want, and that the inserts are the right snug dimensions for your particular drawers. A slightly clunky website doesn't do you any favours here.

But, all in all, I've had this setup since August and I really have no complaints. It keeps things contained but also visible enough to not forget what I have. I'm a bit obsessed with all things organizational - so I'd love to hear how you store your makeup or accessories!

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