Wednesday, 21 January 2015

In & Out #2

It's a new year and while I don't have any grand life changes to report, I do have a handful of things I'm either loving, or not, at this very moment. Let the rumination begin.


Skincare: After feeling neither here nor there about my skin whilst 'using up' a bunch of half-used products and larger samples over the past few months, I've recently settled on both morning (coming soon) and evening skincare routines that I'm super happy with, and the proof is in the pudding! After a disastrous skin month in December (the last straw) my skin is now looking clearer, brighter and more even. I'm enjoying each and every step which is rare.

My Electric Toothbrush: This one is a bit random but for some reason for the better part of the last year I'd relegated my (nice, expensive) Oral B electronic toothbrush to the cabinet in favour of the old-school mechanical option. I think my initial reasoning was that after dozy evenings on the couch the electronic one wakes me up more than I'd like before bed! *hangs head in lazy shame*. But, after pulling this out again and popping a new head on, I really have been noticing how much more effective it is. It's the little things!

Gogglebox: Guys. After scrolling through the TV guide for months wondering why there was a show about google on, Dean and I finally discovered Gogglebox which just happens to be the best show ever. We're kicking ourselves over all the episodes we must have overlooked! The recent season ended around new years but Channel 4 has been playing re-runs from a prior season and I really can't get enough. I have such a huge affection for the families on the show, and it's just so bloody funny. I want to befriend them all. A tv show of people watching tv. Sounds like it's scraping the barrel but it turns out to steamroll everything else on. Go watch it.

'Date Nights': Now this is something I never thought I'd be writing. The 'date night'... the hallmark of orchestrated 'couples time' designated by a chosen calendar day, was for a long time a topic of major cynicism for me. It made me question the nature of peoples relationships... whatever happened to spontaneity? I wondered, and just like 'boys nights' and 'girls nights', it was a social practice I did not willingly partake in (of course we went out and enjoyed each others time, it just wasn't a set calendar event!). Well, a combination of things - moving to Manchester and starting the friend thing from scratch (read: light social calendars), both working from home, a penchant for cooking and TV, etc. etc. etc. and we found even though we spend a ridiculous amount of time together (no complaints) that a lot of it was 'lazy' time - we weren't putting much effort into nights out, trying new places/venues/events, planning to attend something, or putting a romantic spin on our outings. So, since the beginning of December or so, Thursday nights are designated 'date nights' and it really has been quite fun. I retract my previous judgements. :)

My PhD: This one is the most important to me, the most personal, and probably of the least interest to all of you (except maybe, the toothbrush). As of Feb 1st I'll officially be in the final year of my candidature. I'd like to say it's exciting but it's also horrifying, overwhelming, and stressful. What it does mean is that there's absolutely no time left for f'ing around, and that in itself is a huge motivator. So it's in, whether by desire or necessity. The countdown is on.


Houseguests: I'm being a bit facetious here, but only a bit. We had 3 of our 4 parents visiting us (and staying with us) for about 3.5 weeks over Christmas and New Year and while of course nice and fun, it was also extremely exhausting. One friend described it as being 'on' 24 hours a day, and he's right. My birthday was last week after everyone had left but I barely celebrated for the simple reason of not wanting to feel obligated to anyone for anything. Anyone else feel like they need a holiday after the holidays? No? Just me? Ok then.

Youtube: I'm a bit over it at the moment. I read a post by Laura from BuyNowBlogLater and she hit the nail on the head with the YT 'guru' tendency to inflate the holidays, making them seem like some personal and commercial fantasy world, available to and to be expected by all. I'm just not sure it's something I can get behind. As a viewer only, and a small-time blogger who does so purely as a hobby, I kind of relish the days where people were buying their own shiz and just telling you what they thought. The idea of 'youtube celebrity' makes me want to facepalm. There are only a small handful of girls who I feel have retained their integrity and whom I will happily click on when they put something out. The rest I increasingly consider a waste of my time. Rant over.

Unloved/unworn pieces: Last but not least, I've feeling a bit out of my element fashion-wise lately. I have a couple bags of things I need to photograph and get on ebay, others I need to donate. Even stuff I know I'm keeping hasn't been inspiring me lately. Perhaps it's the grim weather or my uber casual work life, but I just haven't been taking the time to put together outfits with any interest. Of course this isn't a satisfying 'out' so I'm hoping ridding myself of the excess and carefully selecting a few new additions may get me looking (and feeling) 'spiffy' again.

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