Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 on the blog

Happy 2015! I hope you all had a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday period! These pages have been decidedly quiet for the past couple weeks, which has led me to reflect a bit on my blogging goals for the coming year.

I must say my year has gotten off to a slow start. We had 3 of our 4 parents visiting for the holidays which while lovely was also taxing, on top of a couple important work deadlines in quick succession. To say I feel like I need a holiday is an understatement, which is not really the best way to embark on a new year! At risk of sounding whingey (sorry!), I haven't really had enough peace of mind to feel that new, clean slate, motivating feel of a new year which I usually love and crave. But, I'm trying to stay chipper. Not least because I'm also now officially in the final year of my PhD which is sure to make 2015 hectic and stressful, but also hopefully productive - and if all goes to plan should culminate with a great feeling of accomplishment (fingers crossed x).

In terms of Consuming Beauty, I'm going to continue to do my best with regular posts. At the moment that means Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun, though I have no aspirations for this blog to ever become anything other than a hobby, so if I'm busy, traveling or have nothing to talk about then come find me on instagram instead :) OK - enough rambley bits from me! Check back Friday for a new high-end beauty haul to get this year rolling. Let's do this.


  1. A PhD, good for you lovely! All the best in the new year :)