Sunday, 28 December 2014

Party-ready eyes

My eyes are always my favourite part of makeup. It's the feature I tend to emphasise the most, and eye products are my favourite ones to buy. And even though I don't have big nights out very often anymore, the holiday season is an excellent excuse for bolder eye looks, and even *gasp* glitter (the gorgeous, sophisticated kind of course... I promise it exists). From shadow, to liner, to glitter, to mascara, to brows... check out my picks for party-ready eyes this season.

I feel a bit like a broken record, but ever since picking up my first Charlotte Tilbury Quad, I've had a yearning to chuck my whole eyeshadow collection and replace it just with these. The shades and formulas are absolutely lovely, the packing is compact, and I just don't seem to tire of them. It's not often I'm so content with a product or range of products, but these quads have seriously impressed me, so if you keep seeing them pop up on these pages - that's why!

The Holiday release - the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Luxury palette on it's own makes for a killer metallic smoky eye. There's a silvery-taupe, a gorgeous bronze, a brow/inner corner highlight, and a satin black to darken and smoke however much you wish. My other CT pick is my original love, the Dolce Vita palette - mostly because the 'pop' colour is a gorgeous bronze glitter shade. The glitter particles are extremely fine and delicate, and bring a lovely sparkle to any eye look without any garish glitter or fallout. Just pat over your lid with a finger as a final step.

The other eye products I always seem to rely on for an eye-catching party look are the Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill intense pressed shadows. I absolutely love the formula of these and have about 5 of them. Yes, it's true that the L'Oreal Infallible shadows are essentially formula dupes, but the above two shades are just perfect for a holiday look. The first (#4 Pulp Fiction) is a metallic silver/gunmetal, and the second (#14 Antique Gold) is a gorgeous exactly that - antiqued gold. I think both of these shades bring a sultry edge to their 'bright silver' and 'yellow gold' counterparts. Both provide gorgeous lid shades for a metallic smoky eye that is perfect for any party or big night out.

With my picks of shadows covered, on to defining the lashline, lashes and brows. The perfect frame for your gorgeous metallic shadows. I'm not a huge eyeliner-wearer, and winged-out liner typically doesn't suit me (and I'm rubbish at it). But, the Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner pen that I picked up in Tokyo over the summer (but available here) is the best liner pen I've tried. The nib is super fine and controlled and product applies opaquely, so you don't need to go over an area (and perfect it) more than once. For my lower lash line and tight-lining I've been using the Anastasia Covet Waterproof liner in black on an almost daily basis - it's super black and stays in place. Simples. My mascara of choice, and perfect for dramatic lashes is the Bourjois Black Jack Volume Clubbing Mascara, and while it's typically too high maintenance, what better time than to use a separate product for your bottom lashes - the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara has a teeny-tiny wand perfect for the job, and the formula will not budge or smudge.

Last but not least, there are a few options for brows. I recently went through my three favourites, but for a bold eye I'd pick the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Defining enough to match a bold eye, but not so OTT that you look angry or that your brows steal the attention.

Party eyes done and dusted.

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