Friday, 5 December 2014

My two must-haves from Holiday 2014

There is no doubt that my favourite time of year for makeup launches is the holiday season. I absolutely love the cheer and festivities surrounding Christmas and New Years, and with the celebrations comes a license to go a bit bolder, a bit more glam, and a bit more eye-catching with your makeup. That said, I'm pretty sure the legend of the 'party season' exceeds its actual demands on one's beauty regime (or is that just me?!), so I also want to make sure products I buy now are ones I'll continue to use and love. Enter these two absolutely fabulous launches for Holiday 2014 - the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Luxury Palette and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. To. Die. For.

With the vast majority of my funds happily going towards gifts for others (it's all about the giving, people!), I've been especially discerning about the bits I pick up for myself this season, and with the number of holiday releases, sorting through the noise is not always an easy feat. I highly highly recommend both of these products - they are top class in their categories, and both are packaged beautifully (i.e. with a sophisticated nod to the season without being tacky, gimmicky or over the top), making lovely gifts.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Luxury Palette: After falling head over heels for my Dolce Vita palette, I was thrilled to see the launch of this new quad in shades that are right up my alley. A gorgeous shimmery bone colour, a metallic silver taupe, a rich bronze, and a very pigmented black. The formula is different from the original palettes, and is meant to be used wet or dry (swatches above are dry). I find them just as buttery smooth and pigmented as my other Charlotte Tilbury shadows, so you won't be disappointed. One could easily say these shades are 'dupable' but the superiority of the formula combined with having them conveniently together is a win for me. Not to mention, if I'm investing in a luxury palette I want the shades to be ones that will get a good run. I've found this surprisingly versatile - the lightest shade is a gorgeous brow highlight, and depending on what I'm going for I can achieve looks ranging from a subtle pretty day time look, a taupey-bronzy sultry look with the black forming a cat eye, or a full-on smokey eye. There can be very minor fall out during application (but never afterward), which would be my only equally minor criticism. Can you tell I love it?

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette: I was counting down the days until this turned up in stores and despite a big crescendo, my expectations have been exceeded. I've mentioned before that when I first got my Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta I wasn't the biggest fan - the formula grew on me over time but I've now come to realise my beef is actually with the shade, which can veer a bit vibrant for my liking. However, after having tried the 3 shades in this trio I've fallen head over heels for this product. Left-most is Luminous Flush, an easy-to-wear midtone pink, followed by Incandescent Electra, a gorgeous highlight-y coral, and finally Mood Exposure, a plummy-neutral goes-with-everything shade that is also great as a contouring blush. Together, they really cover all the bases. The finish of these give the skin the most beautiful luminescence, and they last well throughout the day. The shades are each great on their own but also work combined/layered as well. I'm a huge fan of blush palettes, and until this year didn't think enough brands do them. But despite the relative choice now available on the market, this luxe option is definitely my top pick.

Neither of these products are cheap, and whether they are worth it will depend on your budget (and interest). While luxury products don't always justify their price points, these two are a case of 'you get what you pay for' - beautiful, well-executed products in sophisticated and functional packaging.

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