Monday, 22 December 2014

Brows 3 ways...

Brows may not provide the most exhilarating read, but after years giving them no attention whatsoever, I have, in the past year or so joined the crusade. Grooming, of course, but in terms of filling them in/keeping them in place? Nada. But, in the age of Cara Delevingne, we can all afford to give them a second look. They really do frame your face, and change your whole look, for better or worse! Here are the 3 products I use, depending on the day and look I'm going for.

Quick & Easy:
  • On a daily basis when I'm wearing casual makeup, I reach for the Maybelline Brow Drama Reshaping Brow Mascara. This is not the only product of its kind, but it does the trick for me, and it's accessible and affordable. It's essentially a tinted brow gel, which isn't new in concept, but there has been a recent wave of drugstore releases that were previously unavailable. If you need radical re-shaping this won't do the trick, but if you have reasonably thick and well groomed brows and just need to darken them up a bit, make them slightly more uniform, or keep them in place, a slick of this is perfect. The bulbous end of the wand picks up just the right amount of product and dispenses it naturally and without any mess. See my full review here.
Natural but defined:
  • For a more defined look without it being obvious that you've been attending to your brows with makeup, I reach for the Anastasia brow wiz - a dual ended pencil with a spoolie on one end and a very fine-nipped pencil on the other. This product is amazing. It allows for fine strokes, meaning it blends with real hair, whilst defining and filling in. If I want to emphasise a certain shape, or fill in gaps, or if I've gone a bit too long without a threading sesh, this is what I reach for. It elevates brows to what they should be - a frame for the rest of your face.
Bold and polished:
  • The Anastasia dip brow pomade is by far the boldest of the bunch. It's almost like a gel eyeliner but for brows, meaning you need to use a separate brush for application - I use the Anastasia #12 dual-ended brush for brows. There are multiple shades available to suit different complexions, but at least for me this one is reserved not only for big nights out, but for nights out where I specifically want a look with bold brows. I would warn that it is very easy to go over-the-top with this, so minimal product and a light hand are needed. It does let you completely makeover your brows and your look though, and this won't go unnoticed. Which can be a blessing or a curse.

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