Sunday, 12 October 2014

True life: I have blue hair!

So this happened. And on a total whim at that (as you do). Although as someone who has previously gone from mid-back length hair to a short pixi cut with no warning whatsoever, deciding in the aisle of Boots that I want to dip dye my ends some variation of a purple/blue hue makes my brand of crazy seem at least mildly consistent. #bluehairdontcare

If I'm honest I was going for a dusty purple, but regardless, I actually really like how it turned out. The ombre transitions smoothly which was one of my biggest concerns, and hits right at my shoulder line which looks really cool against clothing. The colour itself is a sort of purplish petrol blue - it definitely looks more of a vibrant true blue in direct natural sun (first photo) and more of a dirty lilac blue in artificial or low light (second photo). I'm still getting used to it but I'd say overall I'm happy I went for it! I ended up using the DIY Dip Dye kit by Bleach London with two of their Super Cool Colours. I'll post a review soon of the actual products once I see how the colour lasts, fades, etc. Fingers crossed the answer is 'gracefully'.

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