Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September favourites & fails

I love Autumn and the lead up to the holiday season but I'd be lying if I didn't say the year feels like it's totally getting away from me. For anyone who has done a PhD, you know that is the most horrifying feeling in the world!!! So rather than dwell, I'll pretend like things are all good, and share with you a short list of products I've been loving.


My skin had been acting up almost incessantly and I was feeling a bit desperate. Nothing seemed to be working until I gave these products a go - a sort of 1-2 punch that has really restored my skin.

  • Glamglow Mud Mask: I picked up a small pot of this in Sephora back in March but only recently pulled it out of my reserves.  It claims to have both short-term and cumulative effects and so far I'll back that claim. It's clay-based, so does wonders for deep cleansing, clearing and clarifying skin but doubles as an exfoliator - after it dries, rinse off with circular motions and you can feel it sloughing off all the nasties as well. A 'cult' product that actually is worth the hype.
  • Indeed Labs Pepta Bright: With the immediate problems kept in check by Glamglow, I turned towards this serum aimed at skin brightening, evening, and reduction of hyperpigmentation to deal with the after effects. I have a full review of this coming soon, but let's just say it's a big winner.


I had been feeling a bit 'meh' with my makeup looks lately, but with my skin now sorted, I've been getting into the swing of more Autumnal colours and really enjoying it again.

  • NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Deauville & NARS Pressed Powder in Flesh: (not pictured) - I spent the last week and a bit back in Copenhagen for work, where I've kept a small collection of cosmetics to avoid packing anew each time. Despite being more or less forced to use this duo, I must say that I've kind of fallen in love with this base combo (again). The foundation has surprisingly good coverage but retains a natural luminosity that is really beautiful, and when topped with the powder I found my base lasting in tip-top condition for what were unfortunately marathon work days followed by work dinners - the longest of which rounded out at 18 hours! I'm the crazy person those '24 hour foundation wear' claims are aimed at!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in The Dolce Vita: I finally caved and picked this up and I'm sooo happy I did. I've been happily wearing this quad every day since purchasing it. I've already done a full review, so I'll leave it at that.
  • NARS Blush in Madly: An oldie but a goodie, this has been the perfect transition blush into Fall. It has a slightly bronzy warmth, but also pulls a little pink, and definitely has a neutral Autumnal tone that has been pairing absolutely perfectly with the Charlotte Tilbury quad, without being too colourful, bold, or distracting. It's gradually entering the ranks of an all-time favourite.

Fails: none!

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