Monday, 27 October 2014

Fiber mascaras compared

After falling head over heels for Kevyn Aucoin's The Essential Mascara, I've remained loyal to it for the better part of the past year. When it recently ran out I shuffled through my reserves and found an unopened tube of the much-lauded Fiberwig. So before making a repurchase, I thought I'd see how they compare?

Kevyn Aucoin's The Essential Mascara is my holy grail - it's massively volumising, lengthening and extremely easy to apply. The formula contains fibers that adhere to lashes resulting in a longer and thicker appearance. In my experience, it doesn't smudge or flake, but washes off easily with a swipe of Bioderma. While it stays in place during regular wear I wouldn't recommend it for weddings or any other occasions that are likely to be tear inducing because it definitely isn't waterproof! Read my full review and see photos here.

Fiberwig has been a mainstay in the Japanese market, thanks to it's unique 'tubing' formula. Rather than working with fibers, the formula coats lashes, forming a 'tube' around each hair. This means the formula starts out fairly wet, allowing you to build up a few coats as needed before it dries in place. In terms of removal, it doesn't come off using typical makeup removers, because it literally doesn't smudge. Rather, you need to massage your lashes between your fingers with a bit of warm water or your normal cleanser, which basically causes the tubes of mascara to slip off the ends - you can actually see the bits of mascara come off, but never get smudgy panda eyes. Formula-wise, I haven't tried anything else like it. In terms of effect though, I find the wet formula a bit messy to work with. It takes me a fair bit of work and multiple coats to get my lashes looking good, swiping both as normal and from the top of my lashes too. Once on I would say it does more in terms of length than volume - my lashes look well defined and separated, but definitely not as dramatic as with the Kevyn Aucoin. I'll happily use it up but if I had to choose between the two I still prefer the Kevyn Aucoin. I do however think it's worth having a tube of this on hand, even if only for those times I really need something that is completely and reliably water/budge/smudge proof.

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