Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Daytime bold lips

I've really been enjoying playing around with my makeup this Autumn and my most recent 'thing' has been to embrace bold lips on the daily. Inspired by an article I recently read that outlined beauty-related looks to embrace in your 30's, one of them was about having the confidence to rock a bold red lip sans 'an occasion'. I'm definitely not one for rules, but I do agree that as I've gotten older I've acquired a certain comfort with myself that allows me to really enjoy this look, without feeling self-conscious or overdone. Anyway, on to the lip colours!

To make this look wearable, my go-to has been an easy wash of warm matte shadow on my eyes, neutral cheeks, and of course said bold lip. I've been sticking to slightly vampy berry/burgundy shades, and my two favourites are MAC Rebel and Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107. The former is a purple-based magenta that appears quite bright if patted on but deepens to a vampy shade when applied from the bullet. The latter is more of a berry shade with pink/red undertones. I would say the formulas are fairly similar - not completely matte, but definitely not glossy - more of a satin finish that increases staying power and leaves a decent stain to the lips. Neither bleed, and both feel surprisingly 'barely there' given how bold they are.

There's something really chic about a bold lip paired with a casual daytime look - the statement lip has the ability to elevate an otherwise simple outfit and a paired down outfit makes a bold lip more wearable. Loving it. 

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