Friday, 10 October 2014

A very Lush-cious haul

In general, my interest in Lush waxes and wanes, but I must say that the prospect of trying the Christmas bath products for the first time had me a bit excited with anticipation! A wave of Lush hauls seems to clutter my subscription boxes this time each year, with inarticulate but very convincing ooohs and ahhhs about how amazing it all smells. But, I've never had a bath in which to try these infamous goodies. Until now.

I must say that the store smells so strong that I think the scent of individual products can get lost. Things I expected to be ah-mazing kind of just blended together and smelt like nothing!? For this reason I ended up with fewer things than I had anticipated, but we'll see. I may go back for more.

Christmas releases:

Permanent products

  • Butterball bath bomb: Cocoa butter and ylang ylang.
  • Big Blue bath bomb: Seaweed, sea salt, lemon oil and lavender.
  • Green Bubbleroon bubbleroon (not pictured - I've already used it!): Juniper and citrus - I thought this smelled amazingly grassy.
  • Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon: Grapefruit, cocoa and coconut.
  • Big shampoo: I haven't used this in a few years, but overall this is probably my 3rd pot. It's a sea-salt based shampoo, with added citrus and seaweed. The salt is coarse but dissolves as it lathers. It definitely delivers on its volume claims, but it is quite clarifying - so make sure you pair it with a hefty conditioner for your ends.

What are you favourite Lush products? Any Christmas goodies you think I missed out on?! Please share!

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