Friday, 29 August 2014

My summer fashion staples

Trends come and go but staple products stand the test of time. So, while the popularity of crop tops, jellies and ugly sandals is sure to wane, you can bet I'll have some version of the following must-haves year after year. Maybe you can even snag something good in the sales, ready for next year. Here's my rundown...

  1. A no-fuss crossbody bag: summer means hot, so unless you're going to the beach, carrying around a big bulky bag on your arm just feels a bit heavy. I tend to go for smaller, lighter crossbody bags, which have the added bonus of being hands free (your G&T will thank you). I'd recommend at least one neutral/go-to and a brighter colour to inject some fun into your wardrobe.
  2. Comfy heeled sandals: I'm oddly difficult when it comes to sandals - I find most either too glitzy or too jesus-inspired. As a result I usually find one pair I like and wear them to death. Luckily the simple clean lined (if not bulky) B&W styles for this season have offered up a range of options. I prioritised finding a pair of comfortable and easy to wear open-toe heels to ward off the temptation of wearing flats for 3 months straight. This Zara option are low with an easy-to-walk-in heel without looking orthopaedic, strappy but simple, neither too bulky nor too delicate, and the black will go with everything.
  3. Boyfriend jeans: The perfect loose fitting style for when it's too hot for skin-hugging denim. Boyfriend jeans can easily be dressed up or down, and because of their versatility I think it's worth investing in a nice pair with the right fit. I'd recommend something similar to this JBrand pair I bought a couple years ago which are baggy through the leg but still fitted enough around the waist to be flattering.
  4. Open knit jumper: An open-knit jumper is the perfect remedy for balmy summer nights. We've all met that uncomfortable threshold of being too hot with a cardigan and too cold without one. An open-knit style provides some warmth, but still shows some skin. Go for a cotton make with a slouchy fit.
  5. Sunnies: Opinion differs about whether sunglasses are investment pieces and I'm definitely in the 'yes' camp. Find a pair you love and make sure they have proper UV protection. No need to get too trendy here - a classic style that suits your face will continue to look chic year after year. My Ray-Ban Clubmasters are my first pair of prescription sunnies and it's a total revelation.

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