Sunday, 31 August 2014

In & Out #1

Ah, I love a good In & Out post - a break down of things I'm loving and things that have fallen out of my favour, for now. Inspired by my early years as a reader of blogs, this format reminds me mostly of Laura and Elle, and are still some of my favourites to read.


My new Vitamix - the mother of all blenders! If you're not quite sure if this is worth the price tag, it is. The blending action on this is so crazy the friction creates heat - so you can make a piping hot soup from raw ingredients in under 5 minutes - crazy!! We've also blended tahini from raw sesame seeds and more typically, it makes a killer smoothie or juice. To go with the latter, I've recently come across and would highly recommend you have a go. Unlike some dodgy renditions I've tried out from random sites, this one seems to be highly reliable taste-wise. A personal favourite is the Chocolate Covered Cherry. Delish.

Baths - As I mentioned in my most recent Sunday Sesh, moving into my new apartment marks the first time I've had a bath since moving out of home 10 years ago. A whole domain of lovely bath products has now been made relevant to me... like I need another excuse to shop. Nonetheless, I've been loving a bit of a peruse of new bath products, and recently made two custom concoctions from The Bathory. They smell divine and the packaging is gorgeous - thoughts on the actual baths coming soon!

Decor dreaming - Any move brings with it new inspiration for how to design your perfect space. I love our new apartment, but unfortunately it came furnished and I'm less than enamoured by the owner's taste! This has left me spending hours on end re-thinking my ideal use of the space, how I would change it if I owned it, and given I don't, how we can re-work it, add to it and remove from it to make it perfect for us. I love design in general, and could literally search furniture, decor, layout and design ideas for hours on end. And I have been.

Threading - I got threaded last week and while it wasn't my first time, it was my first time in a while. I won't let that happen again! I've been waxing my own eyebrows for the better part of 2 years now but threading is cheap as chips, and the result was tidy, well-groomed and neatly shaped. Now just to work out how to keep my eyes from tearing so I can keep from looking like a crazy lady.

Blogging - As I mentioned in my I'm Back post - the last few months have been some of my busiest, ever. That, combined with my buying ban, unfortunately left me a bit uninspired, beauty-wise. I was just trying to get on, and coming up with ideas, taking photos and writing was seeming a bit laborious on my end, and boring on yours. Well, I've now landed in the UK and am in a bit of retail heaven. I've been 'good' so far, but the main upside has been a renewed interest in discovering new things, enjoying old things, and sharing my thoughts. Stay tuned.


Summer - more by force than by choice, Manchester has already become damp and chilly, and any glimmer of summer seems to have resolutely disappeared. Enter Autumn fever. By far my favourite season for fashion, and probably for makeup too. Bring it on!

Traveling - this one is very #firstworldproblems but I spent the last year and a half feeling very unsettled in Copenhagen, not least because Dean spent the first year of that "commuting" between Australia and Denmark. June and July were absolutely crazy with moving followed by a month-long work trip all over the map, and I'm continuing to commute occasionally between Manchester and Copenhagen. We have the privilege to travel more than most, and I by no means take that for granted, but the flipside is that it feels very nice to spend some time getting settled in our new apartment, and new city, and being home for a while.

My hair - I had to have a minor surgery this month to remove a mole from my scalp (side note: Please get regular skin checks with your dermatologist and wear sun protection!) and it's meant that dealing with my hair is even more of a nightmare than usual. It's probably my least favourite feature - fine, dull, flat, and veering towards oily. Not being able to wash it frequently or thoroughly enough has only made matters worse. I really want a good cut/colour/style but there's no way I'm letting anyone near my head until my stitches are out and healed so until then, I'm really just over it.

There we have it - a slightly rambly list of the things I'm enjoying in my life at the moment, and those I'm not. On the whole, life is being very good to me. Here's to new beginnings! What's in and out in your life these days?

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  1. I'm so with you on the hair, I've been wanting to change it up for so long now but just haven't...
    Also, I found that getting a powerful mixer was life changing too!

    - Dar |