Sunday, 1 June 2014

Buying-ban update + some thoughts on 'Consuming Beauty'

A little over 6 weeks ago I pledged to go on a 3-month+ buying ban. See why here. So, I thought I'd give a bit of an update on how I've got on.

Rewind just a little bit. The name of my blog originated out of a certain tension between enjoying and deriving pleasure out of using and shopping for cosmetics, and the discomfort of contributing to an ever expanding culture of consumption. Tack on the equally uncomfortable reality that for many beauty has become an all-consuming concern, or, the idea that beauty is something that can be achieved through purchasing the 'right' products, and Consuming Beauty seemed at least a tad clever. I'll be the first to admit that despite some lofty intentions to (re-)consider/discuss/debate some of these issues on my blog, my content has almost exclusively been about the fun but superficial side of this tension.

My buying-ban was instigated more by the sheer realisation that I have too much makeup and by a desire to be frugal leading up to our overseas move, as it was by any of the above considerations. But, the outcome so far has been a bit of a heads-up! In the early days of this little endeavour I found myself browsing websites, filling carts, and deleting them, somehow fulfilling the desire to indulge through window shopping alone. Fast-forward, and a few weeks later the tables have turned. With the possibility of buying new products resolutely off the table, I've found myself far less interested in browsing the latest collections or even reading other beauty blogs. I enjoy getting ready in the morning just as much as ever, and I've found that without the ongoing exposure to that which is 'new' I don't find myself 'needing' anything I don't already have. I'm officially off the hamster wheel!

This post risks reading like the admissions of a recovering addict, which I promise is a bit dramatic. I'm in no position to make judgments about what anyone wants or needs or spends their money on. But I am pretty sure that nobody other than you will notice if the peachy-pink blush you're wearing is the one you 'had' to have this year or last. So if you are one of the inevitable readers that has pulled out a credit card to purchase your 20th pink blush because this one is the one, perhaps think again. Your wallet and your sanity may thank you for it.

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  1. Great post, enjoyed reading you're so right! I have like 15 lipsticks or whatever in the same shade and I do often look and ask myself why!? I've recently started a don't buy until I finish hat I have seems to be working so far x