Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Where have I been!?

Things have been rather quiet these past few weeks on Consuming Beauty, and I promise for good reason. After working across Australia and Denmark for the past year or so, Dean has accepted a permanent job in Manchester, UK. This means starting in July I'll be splitting my time - 'commuting' if you like, between Copenhagen and Manchester. Very exciting indeed, and I am hugely grateful to have a work life that allows for this sort of craziness. Blogging of course is squarely a hobby, so apartment hunting and an impending international move amidst my (real) academic work are taking priority at the moment. 5 weeks to move followed by overseas work conferences for most of July mean that the coming months promise to be exciting but hectic!

That said, after spending the last week in the UK exploring Manchester, it is a change I am very much looking forward to. Any Mancunians out there, please feel free to comment or tweet me any tips/tricks or recs you have for my new adopted city.

And perhaps more importantly for readers of these pages - the move means that come August I'll be a UK-based beauty blogger with all the overwhelming access to retail that comes with the territory. I've already spotted a Boots the size of a football field or 3, and my beauty instincts are on full throttle. So, expect to see a new injection of beauty and fashion inspiration as I explore yet another new city!

New posts coming soon!

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