Friday, 30 May 2014

May favourites & fails

May was a quiet month on the blog but that doesn't mean I wasn't indulging behind closed doors. Enter the products that took my fancy over the past several weeks.


OPI Nail Envy: My nails have for as long as I can remember been a 'problem area' - weak, brittle and prone to ridges and flaking. I blame many years of nail biting in my youth, which I would strongly recommend you never ever do! They've certainly improved in recent years but once they reach a certain length, all bets are off. Enter OPI's Nail Envy - a nail strengthener that can be worn on its own or as a base coat under polish. I've been wearing it constantly for the last month and a bit and I've noticed a definitive improvement in the health of my nails. They seem stronger, harder, and are growing more quickly. I love a product that does what it says. Would highly recommend!

Laura Mercier Eye & Cheek Palette: A limited edition palette from the lingerie collection a few years back (2012) but most (maybe all?) of the colours can be bought as singles, too. I brought this palette exclusively for colour cosmetics on my trip to Manchester, and so wore it for a week straight. The eye colour selection is perhaps not my first choice - the pink tones in some shades can be a bit unfriendly if you have any redness around your eyes, but overall it worked for a range of daytime and nighttime looks. What impressed me more was the formula - smooth, buttery, easy to blend and with lasting power second to none. I was apartment hunting (on foot) most days, and these shadows lasted unscathed from 8am until late in the night without any signs of fading or creasing. The blushes I absolutely love - vibrant, smooth and easy to blend and with similarly good wear time. This palette has me very curious to try more shades from LM's colour line, which I seem to have overlooked in favour of their base products. I also loved having eye and cheek colours in one place (I think more brands should do cheek palettes!).

Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder (Poudre Universelle Compacte) in 110 Beige Clair: Ignore the tester packaging in the photo above - this powder is a leftover artefact from my makeup swapping days (though I did receive it brand new). I often overlook this product, most likely because the dodgy packaging is a total pain. But, it is probably the best powder I've used for staying matte for the longest time, without looking cakey. I wore this all week in Manchester and every day since getting home - great for long, sunny Spring days.

NARS Matte Multiple in Laos & NARS Multiple in Copacabana: I've spoken about the new Matte Multiples a few times already (here and here), so my love should come as no surprise. After I remembered how much I dig the multiple formula, I pulled out a mini of Copacabana that I've had for years, and have been using them together. The highlight is a white/opal iridescent shade (neither pink nor gold) and despite being a cream formula does not disrupt my base, and blends seamlessly. This duo has quickly become a go-to cheek pairing for me this Summer.


Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Luxe Cream Wash Shower Butter: First things first - this smells amazing. Almondy, marizpan, pistachio, vanilla goodness. Absolutely no complaints there. This body wash claims to be an uber mositurizing shower cream. I had imagined it to be similar to those in-shower body lotions that are becoming more popular, in a one-step body wash. It is moisturising on the skin, but my problems lie with its formula. First of all, while it is moisturising it definitely does not feel like it's doing much to actually clean, so it falls flat on one of its two main stated functions. Secondly, the formula dispenses almost identically to a thick body cream, which definitely elicits some anticipation. Unfortunately, this thick cream splits in water. So when applying to skin most of it seems to end up in bits on the shower floor rather than lathered into damp skin. The closest (very strange) comparison I could think of was when rinsing out an empty container of greek yogurt to prep for recycling, and the once creamy substance splits into bits in the sink. Lovely. Not.

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