Sunday, 13 April 2014

The sophisticate's glitter

Say what?! A nail combo that somehow manages to be fun, chic, romantic, sophisticated and even whimsical all at once?! Dramatic, I know!

This nail look was my first grasp at spring - a departure from the dark jewel-tones and dirty taupes that have dominated my tips since October. Find me an oasis is a washed-out very white-based pastel blue, reminiscent of Essie's borrowed and blue which I always wanted and for reasons unknown never actually purchased. The blue is so pale that in certain light it looks white. In warm indoor evening light the look was very romantic but still neutral. The application is a bit streaky, but the colour is worth the 2-3 coats for an even opaque finish. The glitter polish, hours d'oeuvres, has multi-sized silver hexagonal glitter and only very micro gold sparkles, all suspended in a clear base. If we can overlook my sausage fingers, the outcome is a gorgeous sparkle that looks different depending on lighting, ranging from a cool pale gold to more of a light silver/pewter and would work equally well over a wide range of shades. I often feel all a bit teeny-bopper sporting glitter but this polish makes it pretty, modern, and (I hope) age appropriate. As with most Essie polishes (on me) the wear time is extremely good relative to other brands.

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