Monday, 28 April 2014

The lip gloss for gloss-haters

I'm notoriously disdainful of lip gloss. I've just never gotten on with them. Gloopy, sticky, or a magnet for hair on windy day. The worst. I reckon 95% of the glosses I've ever owned have been trashed, back-to-mac'ed or passed on. You live and learn. But, with my hairstyle of choice firmly in place - the topknot - and a few rave reviews of this formula, curiosity got the best of me and I picked up 3 of the new-ish NYX Butter Glosses. And they really are lovely.

Strawberry Parfait - A true mid-toned bubblegum pink. This one is quite sheer but definitely lends a fresh almost youthful pink pout.

Tiramisu - a mauvish nude. A great natural looking nude (no concealer lips here) that goes well with any kind of look, subtle or smokey alike.

Peach Cobbler - The most pigmented of the 3 - a vibrant reddish/pinkish/coral. It's not yet approaching a bold lip but certainly imparts enough colour to make your face look more vibrant.

This formula is a good middle ground - not so sheer to be pointless but not so pigmented to lose its ease. They are non sticky, last fairly well and fade evenly. The smell is almost like cake batter but not overwhelming or fake. Overall, they are perfect as a comfortable everyday lip colour, resulting in a look that is put together but effortless, too. Dare I say I've been converted!

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