Monday, 14 April 2014

The beauty blogger buying ban

Anyone who took count of the number of beauty hauls I posted in March will be fully aware that I have absolutely no further justification for purchasing cosmetics in the near future. I hereby declare myself to be on a beauty blogger buying ban!

It happens to the best of us. Whether it's the wrath of new season collections, or a jaunt to the US, us beauty obsessives are predisposed to a bit of beauty binging. Well, I've done my fair share for the time being, so I'm cutting myself off.

Now, I'm cheating a little bit by instituting this just after purchasing hoards of new goodies. Nonetheless, expect to see my thoughts on my new products, mixed in with some mainstays, product round-ups, makeup menus, and other fun features that make use of my existing stash. An odd fashion or lifestyle post may even be given its turn in the spotlight. It will also be a good exercise in the trials and tribulations of beauty blogging when you can't afford new loot.

My rules to myself:

  • No beauty purchases until August 1 (thats about 3.5 months and comprises nearly all of the spring/summer season)
  • Everyday essentials like body wash, deodorant, etc. do not count!
  • An empty product may only be repurchased if there are no backups or alternatives ready to be used (I'm thinking the likes of eye cream, concealer, etc.)

Feel free to join me in full or in part, and if you do let me know your thoughts in a comment below or on twitter or instagram. Ready, Set, Go!

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