Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April favourites & fails

I'm not one to place too many bets on the weather, but I'm more than happy to partake in the collective sigh of relief that it is finally Spring in Copenhagen. And with that comes a lot of lovely things, including a seasonally inflected round-up of favourites.


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Saga: I've loved this formula since it launched - light, glossy, non-drying, easy to wear and semi-sheer. I recently picked up Saga - a mid-toned yellow-based pink with a smidgen of coral. This is super wearable but also brightening and livening for summer. And as it wears it imparts a youthful stain, almost like you've been sucking on a popsicle, in a good way. (Not clever enough to make a joke, so I'll leave it there).

Sephora pro airbrush concealer brush #57: This gal's more sizeable sister - the pro airbrush #55 - gets a lot of love so when I saw Laura pick up its concealer counterpart I decided to do the same. It lives up to its namesake - airbrush. Concealer - under the eyes and on the face - is blended and blurred with very little effort. I've started using this in my daily lineup.

Essie California Coral: A vibrant reddish-coral that is just ever so muted. I wore this with my new Salmon coloured jacket from Zara and a rose gold bangle and the balance of contrast and coordination just worked. I loved this last Spring and I'm loving it again. 'nuff said.

Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask: My skin has been dehydrated and congested all month, I think because I persisted a bit too long with my failure product (below). I found that to compensate I was using this overnight treatment more frequently than usual and it really does work to inject some moisture into your skin overnight. Unfortunately for me I was stripping it back again every morning, but I know things would have been much worse had I not been using this product to balance things out. A deliciously apricot scented cream, it doesn't feel much different than a rich night cream but it really packs a punch on the hydration front.

B&BW Coconut Leaves Candle: A light summery scent that is neither gourmand nor overtly beachy like most coconut scents tend to be. Mixed with tangerine and papaya it's a lovely fresh fruity coconutty smell that is perfect for the season. Great throw, too.

Honourable mention to my Ray-Ban Clubmasters. I bought these at the end of last summer and they've been sitting in a drawer begging to see the light of day. I'm sure you've seen the style everywhere - they don't win on uniqueness. But, they are my first pair of prescription sunglasses which has been kind of a revelation!!!


Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser: I suppose I set myself up for this one because I purchased this product on a whim in the midst of a 'I forgot to bring a cleanser on my work trip' drugstore dash last August in Montreal. I could not remember my thoughts so I thought I'd try it again (mostly in an effort to preserve my love, the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, since I'm on a 3 month long buying ban). It claims to be a rich, soft, gently foaming cream cleanser, that will remove makeup "without drying out the skin". "Skin is left feeling soft, supple and refreshed" according to the tube. It's paraben free and aimed at sensitive skin. Thoughts? It's a glycerine rich formula which in theory should be fine. It smells great and feels ok when it's on the skin. But, upon rinsing it off, my skin was left feeling super squeaky and stripped. That one where you can almost feel the wrinkles forming until you hastily apply your morning skincare for relief. Awful. I have combo-oily but at times dehydrated skin and this decimated my moisture levels. For that reason I can't imagine it would work well for anyone - even for super oily gals I think this will be counter-productive.


  1. I love the Origins drink up mask it's an all year round
    staple for me. That Essie shade is gorgeous I haven't seen that here...or perhaps
    it has a different name here in the UK either way I need I'm obsessed with
    corals at the minute. Great roundup :) x

  2. Hey Rinica! Thanks! The essie polish is fab & it's in stock on feelunique! In case you needed enabling ;)