Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: NARS Matte Multiple

The NARS Matte Multiple is a new release and a modern update to it's shimmery sister. Keep reading to see how I think it stacks up.

The Matte Multiple line comprises three contour/bronze shades and four colour shades. Within the lineup Laos in many ways appears to be a 'safe' choice but something about this rosy-coral really called out to me. It's natural and subtle but vibrant at the same time. It's a shade that can be worn very sheer or built up a little bit to bring some spring colour to the face without looking *too* crazy (Siam on the other hand, while a gorgeous shade, is definitely a 'go vibrant or go home' pick - If I were to invest in another this would probably be it!).

I tend not to be a big lover of cream formulas on my cheeks in general - I often find them to either look too dewy (read: greasy), feel tacky on the skin, pose problems with layering other (powder) products or to slip/slide/fade rather too quickly. The cream blushes I do love all tend to be cream-to-powder formulas. The original multiples I would say adhere to this - they are emollient enough to apply and blend but the formula itself is not particularly dewy on the face - the highlight comes from shimmer not from texture. The matte multiples have the same upsides in a gorgeous matte formulation (obv). They are wonderful.

You could apply this straight from the stick but I prefer to use a clean finger to avoid disrupting my base. Once the pigment is roughly placed I use something like my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to dab until blended. I find application utterly effortless. The formula applies matte and stays matte (hurrah!), it blends extremely easily (none of this race against the clock before it dries patchy business) and it lasts all day looking fresh. To see it in action check out my Makeup Menu #2.

My verdict? NARS really killed it with this release and I would highly recommend you check these out. My guess is it won't be too long before I buy Laos a friend.


  1. I need one of these in my life! I've seen the emails about there release and they just looked so good I seem to love everything from NARS as well so I doubt this will be any different. Love the shade you've chosen :) x

    1. You totally do! I loved the idea but the execution really is excellent. Love it when that happens :) Just followed your blog! I loved the post about 'am I a real beauty blogger?' - spot on!