Monday, 10 March 2014

Review & Comparison: detangling hair brushes

My recent hair woes (explained a bit more thoroughly here) have pushed me to go on the hunt for the best detangling hairbrush. Few things in the beauty space are more disconcerting than an increase in hair shedding, so out of hope and desperation I've been trailing many a product aimed at reducing hair thinning and breakage and increasing growth, thickness, volume and strength. Today I'm looking at how three detangling brush options compare.

Michael Mercier Detangling brush for fine hair - This was my first purchase of the 3. The pink one is targeted at fine hair but there are also normal and thick/coarse versions. This is most similar to a conventional brush in form in that it has a proper handle. Overall though, I have not been very impressed with this option. When I brush through my hair I often feel that the brush is only getting the outermost layers of hair rather than really getting to my scalp. This can sometimes feel like it's doing more damage than good. I think it has something to do with the shortest of the different length bristles being too short to actually reach the underlayers of hair. It does not detangle as well as the other 2 products in this post and as a result I find an alarming amount of hair left behind in the brush when I'm done. Now that I have alternatives I will no longer be using this.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash - I bought this because I was dissatisfied with the Michael Mercier and figured since my hair is increasingly tangled when I get out shower (gotta thank Copenhagen's extremely hard water for that) I may as well get a brush specifically targeted to wet hair. Although I know hair is weaker and more prone to breakage when wet, I really can't get around combing or brushing it while damp these days. This brush has a hollow centre which means it dries easily and the water doesn't get trapped in any internal spaces. The shape is easily to hold with wet hands, which by all accounts is a vast improvement over the original. I do find it performs better than the Michael Mercier, but it definitely still takes some work and care to gently detangle my hair - first by holding the mid-lengths to brush the ends and then from the scalp downward. I make sure to spray a detangler in my hair before using this to reduce damage and shedding as much as possible.

Beautybay The Collection detangling brush small - I received this for free as a 'deluxe sample' with an order from Beautybay and oddly enough it's my favourite of the lot. The contours of the brush make it easy to hold, and the bristles have enough give to detangle without being rough on my hair. I notice significantly less shedding when I use this brush compared with the Michael Mercier on dry hair. It also provides stimulation to my scalp without feeling like it's going to make my hair greasy more quickly. I have not tried the original Tangle Teezer but of the 3 I imagine this is the most similar. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative I'd highly recommend checking out this 'home brand' option.

Has anyone tried both the Beauty Bay and the Original Tangle Teezer? I'd be curious how they compare since the former is obviously designed with the latter in mind. I'm also tempted to hunt down The Wet Brush and see how it stands up.


  1. Hiya! I use the original tangle teezer on my little girls hair as its long and very thick. I have also used the aqua splash too and other than the design I would have to say that they are a bit samey. I always find that although I can get through the hair ok, it just doesn't get right to the scalp. I also find that the shape of the original one is a bit tricky to grip while doing the hair. I would like to give the Beauty Bay one a go though as it looks a lot easier to handle. xx

  2. Thanks so much! Good to know - maybe I'll skip the original Tangle Teezer then. The shape of the beauty bay one is very easy to hold - it's worth trying!