Wednesday, 19 March 2014

B&BW Candle Haul

OK - so if you can't tell already I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment by all the US-centric beauty bits that are typically out of my grasp over in Copenhagen. To stick with the theme, today I'm coming at you with a candle haul that although not beauty, was primarily motivated by the beauty bloggers I follow. Cue the delicious smells!

I'm pretty sure it's now been years that I've been hearing about the amazingness of candles from Bath & Body Works. With this brand in particular out of reach in Aus and in Europe, my candle tastes have tended towards the likes of Diptyque which while incredibly more sophisticated in scent and aesthetic, are also about the price of all 5 of these babies combined. Suffice to say I found it a bit hard to contain my excitement sniffing basically every candle in the store. A 2 for $22 made the deal even sweeter.

Because of the novelty, the scents I picked don't have much rhyme or reason in terms of seasonality. I went with what I liked. Fresh Balsam and Leaves are more Autumn/Winter scents, Espresso Bar and Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut are Gourmand, and Coconut Leaves is definitely more Spring/Summery. I have yet to burn any of these (I'm waiting til I get them home) but I left Fresh Balsam in our room here with the lid off and the entire room has smelt of lovely woody yet fresh pine for days. This is definitely not a review because I'm in no position to give my full thoughts just yet, but in the jar the candles smell true to description and very strong, which will hopefully translate to a good throw. The scents are definitely more synthetic and straightforward than those put out by parfumerie houses but these candles are fun, accessible (in price and notes if not geography), and addictively good.

What are your favourite B&BW scents? What other candle brands are to die for?

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