Sunday, 2 March 2014

An ode to... Korres showergels

No intellectualising here - just giving credit where credit is due, and bowing down to a simple everyday staple to which I am very loyal. Korres showergels, in all of their olfactory goodness.

OK - so, shower gel. I'd venture to say we're approaching the more boring end of the beauty spectrum here. And yet, as something we slather on daily, I'm making the call that sometimes the most mundane products deserve a bit of the spotlight. 

My demands of a shower gel are pretty straight forward. I don't have a bath so I am fairly reliant on the pleasure of a good shower gel to enhance my shower experience. So, scent is paramount. Although it washes down the drain in a matter of seconds, I would also hope that something I use so ubiquitously is not laced with a million chemicals, including those that may make my skin dry or too squeaky. Finally, because it is something I use everyday, value for money does enter the picture. I want something higher end than dishsoap, but not something so expensive or luxurious that it can only rightly be used on special occasions or pamper nights-in.

My nexus of requirements is met perfectly by my long time (we're talking years) favourites - showergels by Greek brand Korres. Formulated primarily of (actually) natural ingredients with most nasty culprits nowhere to be seen - what is and isn't in these is very clearly labelled. The range of scents is unrivalled - ranging through fresh, fruity, floral, herbacious, warm, woody, cologne-y, you name it. I like to keep one more awakening scent and one more warm scent in my shower at all times so I can switch it up depending on my mood. My favourites on the warm end include Juniper & Rum (above), Vetiver Root, Green Tea and Cedarwood (also above), Vanilla Cinnamon, and Coconut Milk. Mint Tea, Iris, Lily of the Valley and Cotton, and Citrus round out my refreshing faves. The scents smell true to their names and never synthetic or fake. The scent fills the bathroom and leaves skin lightly fragranced, moisturised and fresh without ever competing with perfume or cologne. And, at 8 pounds or 10 euros (though even better - we picked up a bunch for 6.50 euros each when visiting family in Cyprus) they are affordable enough to be a daily indulgence.

Used religiously by both Dean and I, These have been a mainstay in our shower for going on 5 years and we will continue to repurchase them. This is also probably the first beauty product other than cologne that put non-drugstore options on the map for Dean, something he's not looked back from!

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