Friday, 14 February 2014

The Want List #1

I'm a little shy admitting this, but I have a document in Google Drive called 'the want list' which I update on occasion with various things making me swoon. Now, certain things I buy more impulsively, while other things tend to sit on there for ages. Funny how I'm more quick to splurge on some things rather than others, since there really is no logic to it, I'm afraid. Maybe some things just make me think twice and the 'do I really need this?' guilt steps in. FYI - of course I don't need any of this. But. I. Want. It.* So, here's what's currently tempting me the most.

* Let's all spare me the embarrassment and overlook that this post has immediately followed one of me proudly proclaiming the benefits of pairing down your stash :) Thanks.

  1. Rag & Bone Newbury Boots in Black Leather - I've wanted these for at least a couple years. I have the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots that I spoke about here and the Rag & Bone moto boots which I also love. The walkable heel and top notch construction make these really worth it. Black leather is of course as versatile as it gets, and they're the perfect pairing to my skinny jeans, drapey cardigan uniform. I've even taken the plunge once, but shopbop for the first time ever lost my order and by the time it was reconciled half of the stuff was sold out. This winter I opted for a more refined silhouette with pointy toes and a slimmer heel, thinking this would fill more of a gap in my wardrobe. And no complaints there, but unfortunately these have remained in the back of my mind all winter long. I'm thinking I may finally give in on an upcoming trip to NY next month.
  2. Byredo Parfums 1996 EDP - It's a bit risky buying a perfume blind. Especially when you have only an amateur understanding of notes. But I know I like patchouli, amber and vanilla. And juniper means gin, right? I just really have a feeling I'll love this. Byredo are after all, the creators of my favourite perfume of all time, Gypsy Water. That not everyone will smell like me is an added bonus of sporting a less commercially available scent, too.
  3. Marshall Monitor Headphones - I'm so over detangling the stupid apple headphones that I rarely even listen to music when I'm out and about. I have a pair of over the ear sound-cancelling headphones at work - PhD, shared office, they're a godsend. So, I've been looking to invest in a pair of my own. We bought the Marshall Stanmore Speaker in cream leather for home and it's simply stunning. The sound quality is excellent and it looks freaking fantastic. The classic producer of industrial grade amps, they've recently launched a bunch of products geared toward home/consumer use. Upon perusing their website I came across The Monitor headphones, their higher end offering. After testing them out I actually prefer the sound over some other more well-known competitors. They fold up for putting in your bag, and I think wearing these I'd feel just a tad cooler than I am :) I kid. No, but really. Now to justify why a fairly infrequent music listener needs these not-so-cheap beauts. My line so far to Dean is that they will encourage me to foster a love for more respectable taste in music. Sorry, Bey.
  4. Costes Home Fragrance Brown - The signature scent of Hotel Costes in room-spray form. I have the body wash of this scent and it's super warm, sexy and woody. Exactly up my street, and very unisex. Both me and Dean completely adore this. The official notes are waxed wood, rum, mahogany, bitter orange pell, paprika, and oak moss. They do a candle and an EDT but I think for home fragrance a room spray will last longer. And as a cologne, after reading reviews, people seem to prefer the room spray to the EDT - in fact some people even wear it instead!
  5. Jo Malone Just Like Sunday collection Home Candles - I love Jo Malone colognes but have not yet been lucky enough to try their candles. Now that I'm in Denmark this isn't an easy brand to get my hands on but the new release candle collection 'Just Like Sunday' sounds absolutely stunning. 4 Scents reminiscent of a lazy Sunday in, I'd be happy with any of the 4. But, since money doesn't grow on trees if I had to narrow it down I'm particularly keen to get a whiff of Lavender & Lovage and Incense & Embers. I'm hoping they won't all sell about before I land in the big apple.
  6. Philip B. 4 Step Hair and Scalp Treatment - I'm usually totally disinterested in my hair. I hate taking the time to style it. It's fine, flat and altogether a big 'blah'. I see it more as a burden than something I get excited over. This whole top knot trend has finally redefined my typical laziness as 'chic'. Score. But lately it's really been in seriously bad condition. Brittle in the lengths, a first-ever angry scalp, and a bit more shedding than I'd like to acknowledge. And, ever more dry and tangled from this lovely Danish water (the hardest most calcified water I've seen, anywhere). This set appealed to me because it covers all bases. A clarifying shampoo that is volumizing, scalp clearing and stimulating without stripping hair. A light conditioner that promises not to weigh hair down. A detangler that specifically counteracts the PH imbalance of hard tap water, and a rejuvenating oil that's award winning. This has my name all over it.
  7. Dior Mono Fusion Matte in Mirage 761 - I talked myself out of buying any of the Dior Mono Fusion cream shadows when they launched because I had other products in similar shades, and far far too many cream shadows. The matte version on the other hand which launched as part of the Trianon Spring Look collection (but which I believe is permanent) is really calling out to me. I use Mac painterly paint pot as an eyeshadow base almost daily and it's the only matte cream shadow I own. This seems a little sheer but a beautiful brown-taupe that would be perfect as a wash or under other shadows when I'm going for a matte look. And I've only heard good things about the formula.
  8. Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow in No. 22 Pale Barley - I wanted this since the launch of Burberry Beauty a few years ago. Well after dragging my feet it disappeared from the scene - with rumours of being discontinued it's been basically impossible to come by for some time. I'm not sure what the official line is, but I do know that it's resurfaced at John Lewis and at Harrods and I'm pretty sure I don't want to make my chances and miss out again.
Whew. I will forego adding up the damage to the wallet. Suffice to say there's probably a reason these aren't yet in my greedy little hands.  Has anything caught your fancy as of late??

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