Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Scalp Stimulating Mask

A complimentary hair treatment duo that targets woes of the scalp and lengths alike. So, how did I get on with this pair of Philip Kingsley pre-shampoo products?

Philip Kingsley Scalp Stimulating Mask

OK - so the back story to this purchase is that ever since going off the pill for medical reasons a few months ago I've experienced a significant amount of hair shedding. The absolute last thing my already fine hair needs. Now, the pill I was on (Yaz) turns out to be known for improving skin and hair, so from what I've read shedding akin to post-partum hair loss is a fairly common side effect of going off of it. Would have been seriously nice to know beforehand. Anyone who has gone through this will I'm sure understand how anxiety-producing it is. Suffice to say that despite a typical disinterest in my hair I've been grasping left and right for a product that may help stimulate my scalp and encourage regrowth (let me know if you're interested in a more extensive post on this issue).

If I'm honest, the Philip Kingsley Scalp Stimulating Mask left me a bit perplexed. According to PK, The mask is:

 "An intensive stimulating scalp treatment for optimum scalp health. Stimulating scalp mask encourages blood circulation while helping to improve hair texture and behaviour. This scalp mask has a vitamin and mineral rich formula, with a unique liposome delivery system that ensures maximum absorption of all key ingredients into the scalp." 

The tube instructs to dampen hair and apply directly to the scalp in 1 inch sections from front to back, cover your head with a shower cap and leave on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing out with your usual hair routine. The tube it comes in is tiny - 20ml. I was uncertain, and the packaging didn't clarify, whether this was meant to be a single dose/application. I applied according to the instructions but hoping not to use it all up in one go so I could test it a few times, I only applied to the front half of my head, up to my crown. A little did not seem to go a long way - the texture was actually fairly dry and did not spread easily. I did not experience the 'tingling sensation' that it says you may due to peppermint and other extracts. Upon rinsing, I did find a slightly decreased amount of hair down the drain (sorry, gross, I know) and when styling my hair my roots did look voluminous, so perhaps where this product lacks in the application process it makes up for with results. I cannot speak to whether or not this has stimulated hair growth, but the ingredients do suggest follicle stimulation may occur over time. Now is just to decide whether I want to invest $9/5.50 pounds a pop in something I can't guarantee will work. This does get promising reviews from repeat users though, so I am inclined to be persistent. I really just cannot understand why a product that needs to be used over a period of time would come in such a small package! Quite frustrating, actually.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This product on the other hand really won me over. Applied to the lengths of the hair while the scalp mask is working its magic, this product promises to improve the elasticity of hair, minimising breakage while increasing moisture and bounce. A pre-shampoo conditioner if you like. I appreciated applying this at the same time as the mask - it felt targeted yet efficient. As soon as I rinsed my hair it felt incredibly silky, smooth and completely detangled. My hair was far more manageable in the shower and when I got out - brushing it through was the most effortless it's been in months and while not a miracle worker, my hair does feel more nourished and less fragile. I am definitely going to continue using this on a regular basis to counteract the dryness, brittleness and tangles caused by the very hard Danish water. If your hair is coarse or especially prone to breakage, there is also an extreme version.

As a brand Philip Kingsley continues to impress me. I think together Dean and I own at least half of the products in the line (though despite daily use he still insists on referring to it as 'Laura Kingfish' - baby steps). The products we've tried almost always do what they promise and rarely disappoint. It is a brand that I trust has a thorough understanding of scalp and haircare as evidenced by their 2 treatment clinics - one in London and one in NY. In fact, I'm looking into the possibility of booking an appointment while I'm stateside in March.

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