Monday, 24 February 2014

Review: Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara - i.e. The best mascara ever

This mascara has been catapulted to my top pick of all time. Find out why on earth I'm so in love with this magic tube of lashy goodness.

No Mascara + 1 coat of Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara (top lashes only)

Lucky for me I'm blessed with fairly good natural lashes. Though a bit on the light/ashy side, they are fairly voluminous and long and don't need much help holding a curl. So, on one hand I may not need a mascara to do as much heavy lifting as some others, but at the same time it's easy for me to see the effects (or not) of any said mascara offering.

I received a sample tube of the Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara as part of the Christmas Wishlist gift with purchase from Space NK. I had not really read anything about this mascara and so did not reach for it with much gusto after I ran out of my Origins Fringe Benefits. So, I tried the sample without expectation. Until... WOAH! I have never been so immediately blown away by the results of a mascara. From the very first application it was love. There was no um-ing and ah-ing. The formula was not too wet or too dry. There was no stinging. The brush was not awkward to manoeuvre. I did not have to go over my lashes a million times for effect. It was so so easy.

The brush is slightly curved with different length bristles on each side, which is good for getting the base and tips in equal measure. I start by wiggling at the base of my lashes before shimmying upward. The formula itself contains visible fibers which work to thicken the lashes without any hint of a clumpy or spidery look. My lashes looked more voluminous than ever, and they were longer than I even knew they could be. The perfect brush, the perfect formula, and the perfect effect.

And? The real test? Because I have long lashes and slightly oily skin, it is typical for mascaras to transfer to below my inner brow throughout the day so I'm left with a black smudge more attention grabbing than my actual eye look. Not cute. This stuff has lasted full 12 hour work days and nights out and has not so much as flaked, smudged, transferred, or made any other unsightly migratory move.

The only downside is the staggering price - £26. But, the proof is in the pudding and I've already purchased the full size because the thought of being away in NY for a month without this beauty was simply too much. My lashes have never looked so good. End. Of. Story.

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