Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New-ish year makeup cleanse

I know I'm not the only one in this blogging community that has too much makeup for their own good. I enjoy reading about and trying new things, and I think it helps me to make more considered purchases on the whole. However, I do feel like staying in touch with the beauty blogosphere does at times encourage excessive consumption.

This was especially the case when I first landed upon youtube a few years ago during the mac-obsessed era. I purchased a number of products more to have a comprehensive stash than because I thought they might suit me. Over the years I've gotten rid of full 15-pan mac palettes full of bright coloured eyeshadows that were not more than swatched, and every mac lipglass I ever purchased got back to mac'd almost full (they're just SO damn sticky).

These days, I'm more discerning, know what I like and what I'll use, and I've also found versions of products I prefer over older ones. My interests span a wide range of brands and I don't run out to buy things just because they're limited edition. I also try more and more to think of what I already have and whether a product might be comparable before buying something new, however swoon-worthy.

Yet, I found myself holding onto a lot of unloved stuff because really, there was nothing wrong with it per se, and I feel guilty being so wasteful. After thinking about how long it takes me to actually hit pan let alone use up a makeup product (especially colour products), I finally decided that it was better to give away these perfectly usable products to someone who would show them some love. I've only got one face people. Needless to say a friend's 13 year old daughter got a pretty hefty 'christmas in february' delivery that will provide ample goodies for her and her friends to play around with as they just start to experiment with makeup.

As silly and dramatic as this sounds, purging the excess feels very liberating. I now have a paired down (for me) stash and I know that every product in it is something I'll enjoy using. It also fits my storage a lot better and makes it easier to see what I have, and where I have multiples, or indeed gaps that could legitimately (and without guilt) be filled by future releases. The goal of course is to keep it this way rather than using girly-maths to justify filling the newly created void with new purchases. Call it a new year/clean slate sort of exercise or spring cleaning - either way I think you'll feel all the better for it.

If you have excess stuff that needs a new home, Give and Makeup is an excellent charity which I've donated to in the past (I've even shipped stuff from Australia when I couldn't find an equivalent local charity). They focus on delivering everyday essentials (including beauty items) to women (and children) who have been victims of domestic violence. Please note - they do accept lightly used items in a condition you would be happy offering to a friend. Anything with an applicator wand needs to be new.


  1. I need such a clear up! What a great idea to give it to charity though!

    1. Glad to have spread the word :) Just followed your blog! Good to see a fellow academic/beauty lover!