Friday, 24 January 2014

Top 5: Winter fragrances

When it comes to perfume I'm not one for subtlety. When I find a fragrance I love, I'm fairly happy to douse myself in the stuff. A colleague recently told me it's nice when I work from our shared office because it makes the (giant) room smells nice. I chose to take her compliment without surveying the opinion of the guy who sits directly behind me. Sorry, mate.

1. Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water EDP - This is probably my favourite perfume of all time. Warm, sophisticated, but also somehow casual. This is one I wear totally selfishly, I just can't get enough. Top notes include juniper and bergamot (hello negroni!), and base notes include my 2 favs - amber and sandalwood. I think this is a scent I will buy over and over again. I'm also tremendously curious about some of the other fragrances from this under-the-radar brand. Next up to try is 1996.

2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - My first time at a Jo Malone counter, as I excitedly tested all the colognes, this is the one that immediately took my fancy. It has since done the rounds in the beautysphere, but it's a cult fragrance for a reason. Deep fruits, spice, wood. My JM collection has since grown but this is still the standout for me.

3. Escada Cherry in the Air EDT - I know, I know. This one surprises me, too. My boyfriend smelled this at duty free and while admittedly out of character, liked it. I trust his nose more than mine - I've been known to buy perfumes I think I like in the store and be underwhelmed when I get them home. He has never (ever!) made this error. So, when he takes notice so do I. He bought me the huge 100ml bottle which I thought was overkill at the time. But this has, despite all odds, turned out to be seriously, addictively good. The fruitiness of sour cherry and sweetness of marshmallow are grounded with a warm basenote of sandalwood. I suspect the woodiness is what keeps it within my realm of enjoyment.

4. Tom Ford White Patchouli EDP - I had intended to buy TF Black Orchid but fell in love with this instead. This is potent, even for me, and for that reason tends to be more appropriate for night time. It's a warm, spicy floral that even leans a bit masculine, and is super sexy.

5. Burberry Body Intense EDP - I had smelled the original a few times and wasn't impressed. Only after picking this up, second guessing my initial impression, buying it and using it for a while did I even notice I had bought the intense version. This is probably the most feminine of the bunch, but it's certainly not delicate. A heady floral with woody notes, and dare I say a fair dose of powdery-ness on me. I think this may be a love it or hate it perfume, but for me it works.

Five warm and woody fragrances that manage to satisfy my every mood through the long Copenhagen winter. What scents have you been sporting?

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