Sunday, 26 January 2014

The resolutions #1: cleanliness is next to...

So - it's the end of January which is right about the time most people start flailing with their resolutions. I'm not one who finds the need to commit to big life changes, but just like a new notebook can be a motivational kick in the butt, so too can a new year. Here is my curated list of (self-consciously cliche) resolutions that I share to keep myself on track and maybe inspire you with a tidbit of wisdom here and there.

Resolution #1. This may not be everyone's cup of tea. And I'm pretty sure it makes me look crazier than I am. But, both my boyfriend and I have the flexibility to work from home when we so desire, and I was finding the more time at home the messier things were getting. But the messier things were getting, the less time we wanted to spend at home. I really find I feel better, think more clearly and am more relaxed when my environment is clean and tidy, so one of my new years resolutions was to get better at cleaning through manageable but regular tasks.

Enter the "cleaning schedule" - a little chart I made for daily and weekly tasks, that for the most part only take a few minutes each, and which I promise is less militant than it looks. It's really more of a reminder and motivator, rather than checklist. The result is that the apartment is tidy at all times - everything has a place and any clutter gets dealt with immediately. Cleaning is regular and easy to tackle, rather than accumulating, getting put off or requiring a devoted day to get things under control. It also means we're free to invite friends back, host drinks or brunch on a whim without any last minute scramble.

This probably all sounds very common sensical, but after years of my boyfriend being the 'neat' one and taking on a disproportionate amount of the domestic work, I've finally seen the light of dealing with things on a continuous basis and it's been surprisingly easy and to incorporate into my routine. A very small price for the satisfaction and peace of mind of having a beautiful home (Rewarding myself by burning a Diptyque candle for most waking hours is just the cherry on top).

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