Monday, 27 January 2014

Sleepytime saviours

I'm not usually one who needs sleep aides, but a post-holiday foray into Breaking Bad which resulted in watching all five seasons within three weeks made going to bed at 3am a routine of sorts. Unfortunately, re-instating a more humane bedtime has been somewhat of challenge. Enter my sleepytime saviours.

As I'm winding down at night, either doing some work or more likely, being sucked into the depths of the internet, I've swapped out my usual tea for Clean & Lean Serenity, which admittedly, I picked up impulsively from Space NK with a voucher. It claims to be "an all natural chocolate shake, with calming calcium, chamomile and hops to help promote a relaxing and restful sleep" and contains a whole host of herbs and nutrients. I drink it warm with steamed milk, as you would a cappuccino, and it's actually really delicious. It's sweet enough to double as dessert, but the chamomile, hops and other herbs definitely elevate it from a straight hot chocolate. The price is mindbogglingly steep, but I would consider re-purchasing.

For those lucky enough to have a bath at home I would highly highly recommend the Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts which will literally knock you out. Unfortunately for me, I'm dealing with a tiny but typical Danish shower-only bathroom, so can only indulge in these on weekends away.

Once I'm ready for bed, I slick on a good dose of By Terry Baume de Rose - hands down the best lip balm I've ever tried. It's luxurious in every way, with a formula that is superbly moisturising and lasts until morning. It is pricey, but reserved for bedtime this pot has lasted me absolute ages. I follow up with Biotherm Biomains age-delaying hand & nail treatment - an excellent water resistant hand cream that is comfortably moisturising but with a completely non-greasy formula (so much so my boyfriend even has his own tube and has repurchased it on his own accord). I don't like sleeping with anything that's going to be too heavy or greasy for fear that it will end up on my face or pillow and cause me to breakout. A few spritzes of the This Works deep sleep pillow spray lends a relaxing scent of lavender and vetiver, which is an enjoyable, if cheeky, treat.

Last but not least, I do my best to put my phone aside and read instead. The book currently gracing my bedside table is called 'Let's explore diabetes with owls, essays, etc.', the most recent release by my favourite essayist David Sedaris. He has an uncanny ability to pick up and write about everyday, sometimes mundane situations and relationships in ways that are hilarious, at times heartwarming, and totally identifiable. I would highly highly recommend this or any of his other collections (and if you want a serious chuckle you should listen to his recorded readings of his own essays). The essays are self-contained, reasonably short, easy reading and literally make me laugh out loud. Perfect for letting go of the day and going to sleep with smile.

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